4 Diet Benefits of Veggie Patties

Though you may have seen veggie patties at your local grocery store or even at a cookout, chances are that you are not aware how great these products can be for your diet. In addition to their low fat content, veggie patties can also help you lose weight, decrease your chances of developing chronic diseases, improve your nutritional status, and help keep you hydrated. Try some out today!

Weight Loss

One of the best benefits associated with veggie patties is weight loss. As the name suggests, veggie patties are composed primarily from vegetables. And as most people are aware, vegetables are relatively low in calories. This means that by swapping our your regular beef, chicken, or pork patty with one that is made with vegetables, you can significantly decrease the number of calories you are getting in your diet, thereby decreasing the changes of developing weight gain or obesity. When using veggie patties for weight loss, try to pick brands that have low levels of added salt. A high sodium content can cause water retention, and subsequent weight gain.

Treatment and Prevention of Chronic Diseases

Another diet benefit associated with the consumption of veggie patties is a decrease in risk of development of a number of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even some types of cancer. In addition, recent research has found that in some cases, high fiber diets may actually be effective in the treatment of these conditions. Fiber has been found to be especially effective in the prevention of colon cancer. This is due to the fact that fiber is relatively porous. Because of this, fiber is able to absorb a lot of toxins from the digestive tract, and aid in their excretion from the body.

Improved Nutritional Status

Another great way that veggie patties can benefit your diet is through their ability to improve your nutritional status. Vegetables contain a high number of vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants that are not only important for good health, but can also support optimal growth. When choosing veggie patties, be sure to reach the nutritional label on the box. Ideally, this panel should state the amount and proportion of each of the vitamins and minerals found in the patties. Consult with a registered dietitian if you have further questions regarding specifics on the vitamins and minerals you should be including in your diet.

Increased Water Intake

Finally, as discussed above, veggie patties are composed almost primarily from vegetables. Vegetables are a great source of water. Aside from fat and bone, your bod is composed almost primarily from water. Therefore, it should be no surprise that in order to have optimal health, you should be getting a great deal of water in your diet. This not only helps you body to function properly, but also keeps your hair, skin, and fingernails looking shiny and healthy.


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