4 Day Diet: Vigorous (Module 7)

The 4 day diet, introduced by Dr. Ian Smith, is a workable diet which helps dieters to lose weight by changing the quantity and the type of food every 4 days. According to Dr. Smith ‘weight loss is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical’. He says that dieters are required to mentally prepare to lose weight before they start their diet regime and exercise at least 10 days in advance, as the mind plays a key role in achieving weight loss.

The 4 day diet module is not like a crash diet plan, but is a module that helps dieters to set their own goals, stay motivated, change the pattern of diet every 4 days and escape the boredom of dieting.

7 Modules of the 4 Day Diet

The 4 day diet module is segmented into 7 modules of 4 days each. They are:

  1. Induction module
  2. Transition module
  3. Protein Stretch module
  4. Smooth module
  5. Push module
  6. Pace module
  7. Vigorous module

Dieters are recommended to start with the first module and proceed as per their tolerance level. Once the first two phases are accomplished, dieters can switch module orders to see what works best for them.

Complexity of the 7th Module

Though the 4 day diet modules allow the feasibility for dieters to move as per their tolerance level, dieters get stuck with the vigorous module. This is due to the food restrictions required. This module has a strict diet plan that helps dieters to really shed weight. The foods that are allowed include cucumber, broth based soup, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and green salads. Both raw and cooked veggies are good options.

Foods to Be Avoided

As it is a strict module, it restricts eating fruits and vegetables that are high in carbohydrates and calories. Fruits and veggies such as potatoes, beetroot, bananas, mango and jackfruit are to be avoided. It excludes salad dressings, yogurts and milk.

Difficulties of Module 7

Either dieters quit at the vigorous module and fall back to some other modules, or sometimes they opt for diet cheats. Dieters often keep repeating other modules when unsuccessful at this module. Since the 4 day diets are 80 percent mental, dieters strong in will power really lose more pounds during the vigorous module.

Dieters who do not favor eating plans that are too restrictive find this module difficult and the 4 day diet plan unworkable. Since the vigorous module includes a strict diet pattern, it starves the body by eliminating the essential nutrients the body needs during each meal. On account of this, the body metabolism slows down and the body copes up by storing higher percentage of fats from the foods eaten during the other modules. Hence, the weight which is lost quickly can be gained easily.

Though 4 day diet is a very popular kind of diet regime, this kind of diet pattern doesn’t work in the long run. To lose weight consistently and to maintain ideal weights, consistent dietary patterns should be followed. The 4 day diet module does help in losing weight to some extent, but following the same 4 day modules is quite challenging on a long term basis.


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