4 Day Diet by Dr. Ian Smith

The 4 day diet was developed by Dr. Ian Smith based on his theory that 80% of dieting is mental and the other 20% is physical. This diet consists of seven 4-day intervals that dieters must adhere to. After 4 days, the eating and exercise plans are switched up.

The Premise

The premise of this diet is power of mind. By switching up the dieting routines constantly, it will lead to effective weight loss and dieters won’t get bored.

The 7 steps are as follows:

  1. Induction – This step is for cleansing and detoxing the body of all impurities.
  2. Transition – This step is set up to re-introduce all food groups.
  3. Protein Stretch – This step helps you to set goals to avoid plateaus.
  4. Smooth – This step will let you have some cheating room on the diet, allowing you to eat some of the previous  prohibited foods.
  5. Push – This step is the time of the diet needed to push into the final steps which takes you back to the more strict food plan.
  6. Pace – This step allows you to slow down a little bit to catch your breath.
  7. Vigorous – This last step is help in loosing the last of the extra pounds.

The Diet

This diet tries to help teach about the power of the mind. The mind can create a sense of control. Once our minds think that eating the healthy foods are good, then we will better adjust to eating healthier. Retraining the mind into thinking that the immediate reward of eating can be less satisfying than the health benefits received by opposing the unhealthy foods.

You can still have a variety of foods on the diet. Allowing a variety of foods will help with our mind set of textures and tastes. Eating only healthy low-sugar foods may increase the cravings of sugar. Allowing some sugar in the diet may cut down on the cravings for it. If we crave something for too long, then we are likely to over indulge.

What to Get Excited Over

You will need to follow an exercise regimen on the diet. Exercise is a key part of any weight loss journey. This diet actually requires a lot of exercising. On average, you should exercise for more than 30 minutes everyday. There is a wide range of exercises acceptable on the plan. These range from combinations of cardio training and weight-training.

Things to Consider

This diet is good for those people with good mind control. It is a good plan for anyone who has self-control to stick with it. The longer you can stick with the plan, the more weight that can be lost. Some of the steps require very strict eating plans and this can be tough for several dieters.


Not recommended unless you have excellent mind control. The 4-day diet plan is not a lifestyle change. This diet helps to change the way your mind thinks about food and dieting by training the mind to want healthy foods.


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