4 Day Diet: 3 Easy Dinner Ideas

If you’re looking for 4 Day Diet dinner ideas, then you probably know by now what a 4 Day Diet is. It’s composed of 7 phases, and each phase lasts for 4 days. Every phase in this diet has a specified food to eat. To make dinner preparation easy for you, here are easy dinner ideas.

1. Try Vegetarian Recipes and Incorporate Regional Flavors

One of the phases in the 4 day diet is the induction mode. Foods that are allowed are mostly plant-based foods. With this in mind, you can try some of the vegetarian recipes online.

Spinach and broccoli are considered “superfoods”–low in calories, yet high in nutrients. Sauté both broccoli and spinach in cold pressed olive oil with fresh tomatoes; sprinkle with Celtic sea salt, and you have an easy and nutritious gourmet dinner. You can also incorporate spices to add regional flavors. Add curry if you want a taste of India, sesame and ginger for oriental taste, and basil, oregano and olive oil for a Sicilian or Italian taste.

There are other regional flavors to add to any plant-based food; it’s just a matter of choosing the right spices. You can incorporate these ideas when preparing meals for the rest of the phase.

2. Prepare Your Favorite Food with a Vegan Twist

Consumption of foods that are unprocessed and high in fiber is recommended in some phases of the 4 day diet. An example is in the “Transition” phase or Phase 2. Best way to meet this requirement is to incorporate raw vegetables high in fiber.

A simple and healthy raw dish is Zucchini Strings in Marinara Sauce. Just combine fresh basil and crushed fresh tomatoes with cold pressed olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper for seasoning, and you’re ready to enjoy a delicious variation of an Italian food–with less calories. You can also try this with Hemp Pesto, made up of hemp seed nuts, hemp oil, sun dried olives, tahini, basil, garlic, and salt and pepper for taste. Raw vegan recipes can also be tried in other phases of the 4 day diet, especially those with stricter requirements.

3. Substitute Ingredients in Common Recipes

Some phases of the 4 day diet focus on a particular food group. To easily follow the recommendations in your dinner preparation, think of common recipes and substitute ingredients based on what you need. For example, Phase 3 allows lean meat and other protein rich foods. 

A versatile meal is a taco. You can easily tweak this based on your needs. For a protein-rich, low-calorie taco, make your own salsa by mixing fresh tomatoes, chile or jalapeno pepper, onion, garlic, lime juice and cilantro. Slice hardboiled egg and put it in a low carb wheat tortilla together with salsa and vegetarian re-fried beans. Top it with some greens, and you have a hearty Mexican dinner with a twist. You can also make a veggie-rich taco by substituting the egg with other vegetables.

There are more meal ideas waiting to be discovered. So get your gears running, think outside the box, and you’ll whip up healthy and flavorful dinners in no time.


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