4 Cardio Workouts for Your Abs

Everyone is well aware that cardio workouts are a fantastic way to get your heart stronger and work the entire body. What if you are trying to target your abs, as well as getting a great cardo workout? There are a number of exercises, as well as a few machines (which are designed for elliptical workouts) to help you get those six pack abs and a strong, healthy heart.

To The Machine!

An Elliptical Machine is designed to give your body a great workout, along with a serious cardio workout as well. These machines come in a few different designs, and before you go out an buy one, do some research first. You want to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone in the family who will be using it and, it has to be something you will actively want to do. These machines are not cheap, and you won’t want to waste a bunch of money on something you won’t enjoy doing. Aside from that, these are outstanding at what they are designed to do – give you an intense, low impact cardio workout along with whole body strength training.

There are a number of cardio workouts and, generally speaking, they work very well when combined with pilates (pill-ah-tees) exercises. Pilates was designed to strengthen the core muscles of the body and when combined with specific cardio exercises, the results are quite noticeable. Here are some cardio workouts for your abs:

1. Walking or Running

Begin your routine with a bit of movement to get the heart pumping and your body moving. This will increase the blood-flow in the body and warm up all the muscles in the body. Do this for about 5 – 10 minutes, depending on your level of fitness.

2. Stop and Drop

Immediately after finishing the running or walking, drop to the ground and do set of crunches. You want to get your body to feel the burn of this exercise before stopping. As you increase in fitness, it will take longer to get to this point. Your goal should be around 30 reps or so.

3. More Movement

Get back on your stationary bike, elliptical machine or start running some more. Do this for another 5 – 10 minutes to keep the heart beating faster. This will help strengthen the heart as well.

4. Stop and Drop Part II

Once done the second set of running, drop to the ground again and this time do a set of bike kicks. The same holds true for this stage as the previous, you want to eventually get to 30 reps before the burn is too much.

Combining the metabolism and heart working movement from cardio workouts with the core strengthening exercises for the stomach is a very powerful thing. Remember, as always, with some cardio pilates workouts there are risks for the high-impact sets, so be sure to protect your joints with proper mats and good shoes. Keep to this plan, and you will feel and look better in no time flat.


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