4 Breakfast Ideas for the Raw Food Detox Diet

Deciding to go on a raw food detox diet is nothing to be taken lightly (although you will feel a lot lighter when you are 2 weeks into the diet). That’s because a detox diet of any type is meant to purge your body of toxins and other unhealthy by-products of the processed food that is so readily available at stores today. In fact, according to the information from the Natalia Rose’s Raw Food Detox Diet, concentrating on a raw foods diet to detox your body is like emptying the garbage. The garbage that is referred to is all of the built up that is stored in your body.

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s important not to skimp or skip it, even while on a raw foods detox diet. Although, with the raw food detox diet, breakfast may be consumed much later than you would normally eat.

Breakfast Idea #1: Green Drink

The raw food detox diet recommended by Natalia Rose’s books always includes a Green Lemonade drink before anything else. This green drink should always include a dark green leafy vegetable along with fresh organic lemons, optional ginger and celery or romaine stalks.

Breakfast Idea #2: Fresh Fruit Salad

Utilizing the raw food detox diet is a great excuse to make regular visits to the local farmer’s market or natural whole foods store. You will need to plan on picking up fresh and organic fruits and vegetables at least once per week, probably more than that. The ingredients of your breakfast fruit salad will depend on what happens to be in season. It’s best to avoid items that have been shipped from far away; the fresher, the better.

Simply cut up your fruits of choice into bite sized pieces and mix together. This meal will be enjoyed by the whole family, and you can easily make enough to sustain for two or three days worth of meals.

Breakfast Idea #3: Morning Start Smoothie

You can put virtually anything that is fresh and organic in a morning start smoothie. This is a great option when the morning is rushed or you are on the go. Just choose a balance of fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, berries, mixed greens, mangoes, etc. Put all of the ingredients you choose into a blender with enough water to make your smoothie drinkable, pour into your favorite mug and go. The key is to find a balance between the fruits and vegetables to make it a tasty breakfast that even your kids would love.

Breakfast Idea #4: Homemade Granola with Melon

Making your own raw foods granola will be a great staple item for when the craving for something crunchy hits. Combing organic oat bran or nuts with dried fruits, such as raisins, will work. Eating granola with a small watermelon for breakfast is a good start for the day.

The important thing to remember when you start the raw food detox diet is that you can eat however much fresh food you want to. This detox diet is not about the calories, which is probably a new way of thinking and will take some time to get used to.


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