4 Body Sculpting Shoes

There are many athletic shoes out in the market, and deciding on a pair can feel highly overwhelming. One of the latest fads in walking and fitness now are body sculpting shoes. These are shoes or sandals that claim to shape your body like you were exercising. These are geared towards those who may not have the time to workout as much as they want to. Keep in mind, however, that these shoes are not made for working out in or engaging in sports activities. They’re designed for urban walkers.

Different types and different brands have sprung up, laying claims to shaping you in various ways. Here are some of the brands and types of body sculpting shoes that are out there right now.

1. Skecher’s Shape Up

These are probably the most popular types of body sculpting shoes in the market right now. Skecher’s Shape Ups are for those who want firmer buttocks and calves, and also lose weight in the process. Customers attest that the longer you wear them, the more you’ll feel your buttocks and calf muscles working. Walking in these shoes also takes pressure off your knees, thus minimizing possible injury. Shape Ups are available in different styles, so even if you don’t feel like donning a pair of sneakers, you can still find a body sculpting pair of Skechers for you.

2. Reebok EasyTone Shoes

EasyTones come both as flip flops or sneakers, so you can wear them with practically any casual outfit. According to the creators, these shoes are designed to work on your different muscle groups. Walking, on its own, is already a form of sufficient exercise, but Reebok claims that with EasyTones your buttocks muscles could tone up to 28% more than usual, while your thighs, hamstrings and calves could tone up to 11% more. Out of all the body sculpting shoes, this brand is probably the closest to normal shoes, and may be the most comfortable to wear.

3. Fit Flops

A big hit in the UK, these flip flops claim to tone your leg muscles and help you sculpt your body as you walk. They are marketed as footwear with a built-in gym. The creators list a lot of medical and physical benefits for long-term wearers of Fit Flops. Aside from lessening pressure on your joints, they claim to give your calves, hamstrings, and buttocks more of a workout. What’s more, these shoes are also supposed to improve posture and help with chronic back pain.

4. MBT

Called the anti-shoe, MBT shoes are designed to help improve your posture, among others. They aim to decrease stress from the lower back, and give your leg muscles practically a full workout. These shoes have a very curved sole, so even while you’re standing still, your muscles are still at work and you’re still burning calories. MBT also offers the widest variety of colors and styles to choose from.


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