4 Best Yoga Positions for Fibromyalgia

Living with fibromyalgia is a daily challenge. Fibromyalgia is a disorder marked by chronic pain, especially of the muscles and joints. This pain tends to be centered in the back or neck and is often accompanied by arm or leg pain. While there is little to be done for treating fibromyalgia, yoga can help relieve the pain it brings. There are four great yoga poses to work into your routine if you want to alleviate fibromyalgia pain.


1. Downward Facing Dog against a Wall

Downward Facing Dog is an excellent yoga pose for stretching out your back, and doing it against a wall keeps you from applying too much pressure on your back and legs. Face a wall, giving yourself about three feet of space. Stretch your arms out and lean toward the wall. Once your hands meet the wall, slide them down until your core is parallel to the floor. Slide your feet back to create a 90 degree angle. Push against the wall, stretch your back and breathe deeply.

2. Side-Angle Pose

To start this pose, which stretches your abdomen and prevents leg cramps, stand with your feet about three feet apart. Raise your arms alongside you at shoulder level. Turn your right foot out to point away from your body. Bend your right knee as you lunge towards the right, and rest your right elbow on your right knee. Lean your left arm overhead, reaching above your head. Turn your head to look up, and lower your right hand to touch the ground along the outside of your right foot. Repeat on your left side.

3. Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose is a yoga pose that helps stretch your legs, alleviate pain in your torso and improve breathing. It is similar to Side-Angle pose, so it helps to move into Triangle Pose from Side-Angle Pose. From Side-Angle Pose, continue to look up towards your extended left arm. Return your right elbow to rest on your right knee for support as you stretch your right leg back out to a straight position. Drop your right hand back down to the ground. Feel your hips open up, your back stretch and your legs stretch out.

4. Reclined Hip Opener

The Reclined Hip Opener Pose helps open your hips and stretch out your pelvic area, relieving muscle tightness and pain. To begin, lay on your back with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Bend your left leg, bringing your left knee to your chest. Move your left foot to rest on your right thigh, just above the knee. Hold onto the back of your right thigh and slowly pull toward your torso. Don’t pull your leg so far that you experience pain—just enough so you feel a nice stretch. Lower your leg back to the ground and repeat on the other side.

Using yoga is a healthy, natural way to treat fibromyalgia pain. Work these poses into your yoga routine today so you can start minimizing your fibromyalgia symptoms.


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