4 Best Phone Health Applications for Weight Loss

Health applications are now gaining plenty of popularity among smartphone users, and it’s not difficult to see why. If you own a smartphone then chances are you are using it to keep your extremely busy schedule organized.

You are probably used to juggling all your priorities on a daily basis—work, errands, family, social life, etc. However, lot of people who have extremely hectic schedules often pay for it with their health choices. Eating healthy, exercising and sleeping well are usually given up for other “more important” priorities. Fortunately, phone application developers have devised ways wherein you can stay on top of your schedule while getting in tiptop shape as well. Here are some of the best phone health applications to help you achieve weight loss and lead a healthier lifestyle.

1. Calories

Keeping track of how many calories you consume in a day is an important part of losing weight. Unfortunately, when you have about a dozen tasks to accomplish in a day, it’s very easy to overcome your stress by eating your favorite treats. Before you know it, you’ve finished a big candy bar, a cheeseburger and a large soda as you’ve hectically moved through the busy day.

The app Calories solves this problem for you. According to weight loss experts, if you remove as little as 300 calories a day from your daily diet, you could stand to lose a pound by the end of the week. Calories helps you monitor the number of calories you receive each day, allowing you to make adjustments in your diet.

2. My Net Diary

My Net Diary is another popular phone application for those who want to lose weight. Available for iPhone and Blackberry users, this weight loss app allows you to list down the the foods you consume in a day. According to studies, dieters who are more organized about their weight loss plan by listing down their daily food intake are able to lose weight more successfully than their counterparts who don’t take the time to jot down their daily foods. This weight loss tool is also available online if you do not have a smartphone.

3. Weight Loss Sensei

If you are looking for a weight loss companion that can stand by you through the challenges of losing weight, then Weight Loss Sensei may be the right phone application for you. The Sensei is a phone app that assists you in your food choices, depending on your location. For instance, if you are dining out, making a quick stop at a fast food or even going on vacation, the Sensei can recommend foods that will support your weight loss plan. Aside from being your 24/7 food consultant, the Sensei can also be your personal pep talker. The app provides you with encouraging and inspirational messages that can help you through the tough times of dieting.

4. Restaurant Nutrition

Because your busy lifestyle leaves you no time to cook your own meals, you probably have to eat out more than you’d like. The situation becomes tougher since many restaurants serve meals that are high in fat and calories but low in nutrients. If you want to know what you’re ordering and if it’s meeting your nutritional needs, download Restaurant Nutrition. The next time you order that burger from Burger King or steak from Chili’s, you’ll know the nutritional data behind your meal.


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