4 Best Lingerie Styles for Plus Sizes

Wearing lingerie is a great way to feel sexy at any size. If you’re a plus sized woman, consider yourself lucky–lingerie looks especially sexy on women with curves! Like any kind of apparel you try on, you’ll find that some varieties of lingerie are more flattering on your figure than others. Here’s a list of some of the best lingerie styles for plus sizes. You can easily find any of these items online or at a retailer like Lane Bryant.

1. The Corset

Wearing a corset is one of the best ways to show off your curves. Corsets give a boost to your cleavage and smooth everything else out. Nowadays corsets are a standard type of lingerie, whereas before they were more of a novelty. You can find corsets in virtually all sizes and in endless varieties of colors, materials and patterns. Corsets are a great form of lingerie to wear if you’re uncomfortable exposing your mid section. The best part about the corset is that it provides sex appeal without showing too much skin. Wear one with a cute pair of panties and you have a look that is sure to please.

2. The Baby Doll

If you’re looking for some lingerie that is flattering on virtually all body types, look no farther than the baby doll. Baby dolls tend to have empire waists (a silhouette where the waist is set higher and tends to fall right under the bust). Empire waists are flattering on women of all shapes and sizes since they tend to flow away from the midsection. What results is a cute and sexy dress appropriate for the bedroom. Like the corset, baby dolls are a standard–and very popular–form of lingerie. You can find one that fits your comfort level since they come in varying levels of raciness.

3. The Chemise

A more modest version of the baby doll, a chemise, is another popular kind of lingerie that is standard in any lingerie store. Chemises are great when you want something that is toned down and less over-the-top, as they tend to be more demure and innocent. At the same time, they’re extremely feminine and much more enticing than an old worn out tank top and boxer shorts you might be wearing to bed otherwise.

4. Camisole and Pantie Set

When you want to keep it simple, but sexy, the camisole and pantie set is one of your best options. Wearing a set is a nice alternative to sleepwear that’s a bit more casual, as the comfort level is virtually the same. You can find sets in all kinds of colors, patterns and materials, including comfortable fabrics like cotton.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding what types of lingerie that you can and can’t wear for your body type. The types listed above just tend to be the most flattering on plus size figures. When it comes down to it, you should wear what makes you feel most comfortable.


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