4 Benefits of Postpartum Exercise

Postpartum exercise isn’t an easy task for new moms. The baby’s needs seem overwhelming in the beginning, especially if you have other children to care for. Once your doctor gives you the okay to resume working out, it’s important to begin as soon as possible. For natural births, the time is usually between 6 to 8 weeks postpartum. Cesarean births require a little more time due to how well your incision heals. As your baby gets older, you have more time to get back in shape as well. Plan exercise time around naps or even ask a trusted family member to watch the baby. Ask your husband to watch the little ones for 30 minutes at least three times a week. Below are four benefits of postpartum exercise for mothers. These benefits keep you in shape and provide more energy to take care of your family.

1. Get Strong Inside

Childbirth takes a lot out of a woman’s body. The physical appearance is just one aspect of exercise. Your inside health is just as important. Postpartum exercise strengthens your immune system, encourages your uterus to shrink back to normal and wards off sleepiness. The more energy you have, the more you’re able to keep up with the demands of raising a family. Exercise also prevents you from getting sick.

2. Lose the Pregnancy Weight

A great number of women feel upset about pregnancy weight gain. Most of the weight comes off after giving birth, but a few pounds remain. These pounds can come off if you eat right and stick to an exercise plan. Begin your postpartum exercise at a reasonable pace. Don’t expect to lose all your pregnancy weight overnight. With time and patience, the weight will come off and stay off.

3. Meet Other Moms

Moms need this time to relax and unwind. Although becoming a mom is a rewarding part of life, it wears you down. Visiting a spa alleviates stress, but it does not help you in the long run. Postpartum exercise gives you special time to yourself. Spend this time to strengthen your mind and body by adding yoga or Pilates into your exercise plan. A good number of moms sign up for classes. These classes not only get you back in shape, but also help you meet other mothers just like you.

4. Improve Appearance

A great appearance influences how you feel about yourself. Confidence is a key ingredient for beginning postpartum exercise and continuing it later on. The better you feel and look often motivates you to continue on the path to good health. This also teaches your kids about exercise as well.

Each time you do postpartum exercise, you get closer to your goals. It takes persistence and time to get back into pre-pregnancy mode. The biggest step in accomplishing this is accepting the changes in your body. Be aware that you may not go back to exactly the same as before, but the new you is just as wonderful.


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