4 Benefits of Drinking Vitamin Water During Workouts

Drinking vitamin water during workouts provides a number of benefits to the active exerciser and can make a better choice than other alternatives. The reasons for drinking water enhanced with vitamins during your workouts include:

1. Hydration

Getting adequate hydration is essential during a workout. You need to drink more liquid than usual because you’ll be sweating, and that means drinking consistently during the workout, even before you feel thirsty. Although water can do the trick for adequate hydration, not everyone finds the taste of water appealing. Any drink that tastes good enough to encourage you to drink more consistently during your workout can help you get the proper amount of hydration, so long as the drink is not something like soda or coffee and the drink has other benefits, as vitamin water does.

2. Energy Boost

Where water fails in a workout is to give any additional energy-boosting benefits, such as electrolytes, sugar (in moderation), carbs and vitamins. Sports drinks offer electrolytes and sugar but have a different taste than vitamin water. Sugar and carbs get a bad reputation because in excess and with inactivity, they can lead to weight gain. However, they’re essential for producing energy in the body and pose no problem when ingested in moderation, coupled with exercising regularly. In order to have the energy to work out, they are essential.

Water enhanced with vitamins can (but does not always) have electrolytes, has small amounts of sugar and carbs that you can easily burn off during your workout and is also enriched with vitamins.

3. Nutrition Boost

While vitamin water is no substitute for a healthy, balanced diet, choosing to hydrate yourself with a drink that can help provide you with adequate vitamin and mineral intake each day can help you meet your goals for a balanced diet. Certain vitamins and minerals are especially great for people who actively work out, such as Vitamins C and E, which can serve as antioxidants to help stop free radicals from inflaming your muscles after a workout. Iron can also help improve oxygen flow in the blood, and Vitamin B is key to properly processing fats, proteins and carbs. Getting all of your recommended vitamins can improve your strength and your mood and keep your immunity boosted, making it easier for you to work out.

4. Better than Sports Drinks (in Some Ways)

While water, which is naturally free of calories and sugar, may be the best choice when it comes to a drink for your workouts that has no negative side effects, water enhanced with vitamins is at least less potentially damaging than sports drinks. In general, water with vitamins has crystalline fructose, a natural sugar derived from corn, while some sports drinks can have high fructose corn syrup, which is worse for you. Water that includes vitamins offers more nutrition than most sports drinks.

Water, sports drinks and vitamin water all have their benefits when it comes to your choice of drink for your workouts. Water enhanced with vitamins can replenish energy and hydrate, and its taste is appealing as well.


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