4 Benefits of a Short Morning Exercise

A short morning exercise session when you first wake up can make a difference in how you feel, how effective you are at work, and how fit you feel throughout your day. Here are four benefits of a short morning exercise routine:

Mood Enhancer

Exercise releases endorphins. When you exercise first thing in the morning, you will probably find yourself in a better mood throughout the day. Even a quick jog around your block or ten minutes on your home treadmill can make a difference in giving you a more cheery outlook as you start your day.

Improves Thinking

People who exercise in the morning find that they are often more effective in their jobs. Exercise improves circulation to the brain. If you normally find yourself needing lots of coffee in the mornings before you can tackle the more challenging tasks at home or at work, try exercising in the morning and see if it makes a difference for you. You may find yourself thinking more quickly and zipping through those tedious projects.

Reduces Snacking

Part of the reason that you reach for snacks throughout the day may be that you are bored, fatigued or stressed and are looking for an energy boost. Exercise has been known to reduce stress levels and energize you. Morning exercise, therefore, can reduce snacking and help speed up weight loss goals. If you tend to snack due to stress be sure to add a bit of stretching and deep breathing to your morning routine. This will help relax your muscles and reduce your stress levels.

Improves Sleep

Research has shown that if you exercise in the morning instead of the evening, you may enjoy a more restful sleep. When you exercise at night, you may become wound up and find yourself unable to fall asleep. Some people avoid evening exercising altogether for this reason. With morning exercise, you are able to enjoy better sleep and move through your day knowing that you can cross exercise off the list of things you have to do that day.

Morning exercise requires a bit of planning and possibly cooperation from members of your family. If you choose to wake up early to exercise, your partner may have to pitch in and get the children ready for school in the mornings. Also be sure to get enough sleep each night. You may want to go to bed a little bit earlier at night to make time for your morning workout.

It helps to do an activity that you can do right in or near your own home. Slipping in a yoga DVD, riding an exercise bike, and jogging in place in your living room are all good options. Whatever activity you choose, the key is that it needs to be convenient and easily accessible. If you have to drive to the gym to exercise for only 20 minutes, you may decide against it when you wake up in the morning. Just be sure to choose an activity that you enjoy.


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