4 Benefits of a 15 Minute Workout

Incorporating a 15 minute workout into your day can have a number of benefits on your health and well-being. While a short workout won’t give you the same kind of strength training, muscle toning, weight loss and cardiovascular benefits of a regular longer workout, even fifteen minutes of your time can have a significant positive impact on your health. The shorter workout has a number of other benefits as well.

1. Easy to Fit Into Your Day

The greatest benefit of a 15 minute workout is that it’s simple to fit into your day, no matter how busy you get. You can set your alarm clock a mere fifteen minutes earlier and work out before you start your normal routine. Or you can take fifteen minutes of your lunch hour to work out–even if it just means walking to some place to eat your lunch. You can also fit in a short workout right after you get home or after dinner with your family. When you plan to work out for only fifteen minutes, you have no excuse not to workout.

2. Energizes You

A 15 minute workout can consist of a brisk walk or a short jog. It can involve lifting basic weights, jumping rope or playing a quick sports game. No matter what kind of exercise you choose, you’ll get your heart pumping and get oxygen flowing more effectively throughout your body. This will energize you. If you’re just waking up, you’ll get a boost of energy for your day. If it’s the middle of your school or work day, you’ll be more productive when you return to work. If you’re tired after a long day, you can get a small boost of energy with which you can enjoy your recreation time in the evening.

3. Helps Build Endurance

Another great benefit of a 15 minute workout is that it will help you build endurance over time. When you first begin incorporating your short workout into your day, you needn’t engage in an activity that requires a lot of endurance. A simple brisk walk can be your starting point. Set a goal of walking a few blocks during your fifteen minutes. Each day, walk just a little bit farther. Over time, you’ll become far less winded and be able to walk farther in the same amount of time. If you want to try jogging or some other activity after you’ve built some endurance, you’ll be energized instead of tired following your more aggressive workout.

4. Burns Calories and Helps You Lose Weight

A 15 minute workout may not be as effective at helping you lose weight as a sixty-minute workout, but it’s much better than not working out at all. The keys to losing weight are to eat healthy, cut back on your portions and burn calories. Even just walking for fifteen minutes will burn calories. Depending on what and how much you eat, you can burn off what you eat for lunch during your lunch hour.


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