4 Beauty Benefits of Cucumber

While you may know the many health benefits associated with the cucumber, such as its ability to aid in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even some types of cancer, chances are you aren’t aware of its many beauty benefits. When used effectively, cucumbers can help you lose weight, reduce lines and wrinkles, decrease puffy eyes, and even treat a sunburn.

Weight Loss

One of the best ways that cucumbers can work to help you increase your natural beauty is through their ability to produce dramatic weight loss. Cucumbers can help you achieve your weight loss goals through a variety of methods. First, cucumbers are extremely low in calories, making them a great substitute for chips, pretzels, or other common high calorie snacks. In addition, cucumbers contain high amounts of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is important if you are trying to lose weight for several reasons. First, foods that contain high amounts of fiber are relatively “bulky,” meaning that they take up a lot of room in your stomach. This means that you’ll feel fuller faster, and won’t have the need to overeat. In addition, fiber-rich foods are slow digesting. This means that it takes a long time for the food to actually leave the stomach and enter the digestive tract. This aids in keeping you feeling full for a longer period of time, which again helps prevent overeating and potential weight gain.

Decreases Lines and Wrinkles

Another way that cucumbers can help to improve your beauty routine is through their ability to decrease lines and wrinkles on your face. Your body is composed of almost 90% water, and therefore it is no surprise that when you are dehydrated, the effects begin to show on your face. Cucumbers also contain extremely high amounts of water, and are therefore helpful both in keeping your body hydrated, as well as preventing the signs of dehydration from popping up on your face.

Decreases Puffy Eyes

One of the best known beauty tricks associated with cucumbers is their ability to decrease puffy eyes. Research has found that cucumbers contain a high amount of ascorbic acid, which help to prevent water retention. When fresh slices are placed over your eyes, this can help to decrease water retention, thereby reducing puffiness overall.

Treating Sunburn

Finally, if you have been out in the sun for too long and are now dealing with the consequences, cucumber may be just what the doctor ordered. Cucumbers contain natural coolant properties, and when applied directly to the skin can help both in the reduction of pain, as well as increase the healing process of the damaged skin. For best results when treating a sunburn, try to deal with it as soon as possible. This means that instead of waiting the sunburn out and seeing what will happen, you should put some cucumber slices on it as soon as possible!


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