4 Anti-Aging Makeup Tricks

As we age, it is important that our makeup regimens evolve to meet the needs of our changing skin. But, how do we know what will make us look great, and what will make us look even older? This guide will give you 4 great anti-aging makeup tricks guaranteed to make you look years younger. Try them today!

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

As we age, properly moisturising our faces is one of the most important and effective anti-aging techniques we can employ. Without enough moisture, even the youngest skin doesn’t look the greatest. Skin that is aging has less moisture than young skin, and therefore the addition of moisturizer is even more important. While we often apply moisturizer at night, it is also important to apply a daily moisturizer during the day under makeup. To maximize moisturizing effects, eliminate powder from your makeup case–powder can flake, cake, and settle in the fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

2. Less Is More

Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes become more prominent as we age–and while these lines may not be especially noticable on a clean face, the addition of large amounts of makeup can actually enhace wrinkles, making them more noticable. For best results, use products that are designed for aging skin–and use them sparingly! Cream eye shadows do a good job of hiding lines and wrinkles when applied lightly.

Remember that aging women should never line their lower lashes–this creates a hard look that can be especially unflattering to an older face. Use a rich, creamy pencil to line the upper lasher in a flatter shade. Black is almost always too severe for aging skin. However, brown, gray, and blues work well. Remember to smudge the liner with a sponge tipped applicator. When using mascara, the “less is more” philosophy still remains in place–applying too much mascara can make anyone look like they have spiders on their eyes–but the look is even scarier on an aging face.

3. Pretty in Pink

Blush is one of the best products you can use to make your skin look younger. And, no matter if you prefer your blush in pink, mauve or peach, you can get a rosy glow. Start by applying a light layer of blush as the cheekbone, and work your way back to the hairline. It is essential that you blend the blush well in order to prevent “clown cheeks.” Adding a rosy glow to your cheeks makes you look happier and less fatigued. Remember to apply the blush a couple times a day in order to keep your fresh look.

4. Walk the Line

Lipstick and aging skin is tricky. While lighter lip colors can provide a nice shine, a color that is too dark will make you look washed out. Above all, use extreme caution with lip liner–a liner that is darker than the lip color makes you look like a vampire. Stick with a lip stain if you are concerned that the lipstick will spread into “lip lines.”


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