4 Activities that Help You Deal with Grief

Grief is one of the most powerful and the least understood emotional processes that many of us will go through. There are a number of different causes of grief, and each person’s experience is likely to be wholely unique. This makes it difficult to come up with any one method for coping with grief.

Generally speaking, it takes months or even years to fully process and address grief. This procedure can be moved along in certain ways, but it cannot be completely rushed. Those people who do not adequately deal with their grief will inevitably have emotional difficulties that manifest in other ways over subsequent weeks, months or years. Fortunately, there are a few exercises that are commonly recommended by therapists to help deal with grief. By engaging in these exercises regularly, you can help to ensure that you’re properly dealing with your grief so that you can move on.

1. Writing

One of the best ways of dealing with grief is through writing. Many of us are best able to express ourselves through writing, where we have the chance to communicate highly personal thoughts and feelings in a way that is private and well considered. There are a number of varieties of exercises that can be done using writing. Among the most popular are writing letters to the deceased person who brought about the grief or writing letters addressed to the person who is grieving. Creativity is generally a good way to experience and process certain emotions that you might not otherwise have access to.

2. Music

Music therapy is a relatively common treatment method for those suffering from grief. By engaging in the creative outlet of making music, many people will be able to express themselves in ways that they hadn’t yet realized that they could. This soothing method of therapy will help to process the many emotions and ideas that tend to come up as a result of going through the procedure of grieving.

3. Role Playing

Conversational role playing is a powerful tool that counselors and therapists use to help people who are grieving to process their emotions. This can be a one sided conversation or it can involve role playing with a partner or therapist who is a trusted and secure confidant. These types of exercises may be more difficult for some people to open up and experience fully than for others, so some degree of experimentation may be necessary for you in order to see if you’ll respond well to this concept.

4. Art

Creating art that is either tangentially related or fully related to the person or things that you’re grieving for can be another helpful way of thinking through the grieving process. By putting your mind to use in a creative endeavor, you’ll begin to process other emotions and feelings that you may have stored away in places which are otherwise inaccessible.

If you have experienced a major loss, speak with a counselor.


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