3 Weight Loss Benefits of Bilberry

The bilberry is loaded with high amounts of vitamins and minerals, and can also effectively help you decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, fit into a smaller clothing size and decrease your need for prescription medications.

What Are Bilberries?

Before we begin to discuss the weight loss benefits of bilberries, it is important to understand a little bit about the fruit. Bilberries are a type of flat-topped berry that is native to the northern shores of the British Isles that grows wild and is seldom cultivated. Due to the similar shape, color and even taste, bilberries are often confused with blueberries. When eaten raw, bilberries have a relatively tangy, acidic taste. However, when cooked with sugar and spices, the bilberry sweetens considerably and makes a great filling for pies, cobblers and other fruit dishes.

Here’s a look at some of the weight loss benefits of the bilberry.

1. Decreased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

One of the main benefits associated with weight loss due to the consumption of bilberries is a decreased risk of the development of cardiovascular disease. This is due to a number of reasons. Weight loss in and of itself has been found to be beneficial in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. It typically assists in the reduction of high cholesterol and blood pressure, both of which are major contributors to a number of chronic disease states, including cardiovascular disease, stroke and some types of cancers.

2. Smaller Clothing Size

Another weight loss benefit of bilberry is associated with a more cosmetic nature. One of the primary reasons that people (especially women) attempt to lose weight is that they want to be able to fit into a smaller clothing size. Fitting into a smaller clothing size may not only be beneficial in helping to improve your self image, but may also ease the concerns of your family members. Depending on how heavy you were when you started dieting, they more than likely were concerned both about your weight and its affect on your health. Now that your body is smaller, some of this worry will dissipate.

3. Decreased Need for Medications

One of the most positive weight loss benefits associated with the bilberry is the fact that you will be able to decrease your reliance on medications. While some overweight or obese people are not currently taking any prescription medications, research has found that the majority do have prescriptions that must be filled on a regular basis. This typically goes back to the risk of cardiovascular disease associated with obesity. By decreasing your weight, you’ll likely decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, thereby limiting the amount of medications you’ll have to take. This will not only give you more freedom in your day to day activies, but can help you save some of your hard-earned money.



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