3 Weight and Well-Being Benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been used to treat a variety of physical and psychological issues. This simple technique consists of tapping on meridian points in a set sequence while repeating carefully designed statements. The combination of tapping and sentence repetition is intended to clear out any blockages in energy throughout your body associated with the specific negative thought or ailment.

1. Eliminate Food Cravings

Food cravings can lead to excessive eating of unhealthy foods. Being able to reduce or eliminate food cravings is significant for weight loss efforts. Studies have shown that the Emotional Freedom Technique helps to reduce cravings.

When you practice EFT to reduce or eliminate your food cravings, you construct a statement related to this issue. For example, if you crave chocolate every time you are feeling stressed, you might say, “Even though I feel stressed out, I truly and completely accept myself.” This statement is intended to help you remove the negative charge associated with the feelings that lead to eating too much chocolate.

You then proceed to repeat the statement you have constructed while tapping with two fingers on specific points on your head, face, upper body and hand. The tapping is done seven or more times on each point and in a specific order.

2. Reduce Sadness and Depression

One of the reasons some people overeat is to feel happier. The Emotional Freedom Technique has been helpful in reducing sadness and depression for some people. When using EFT to deal with sadness, the goal is not to analyze problems or dig into the past. You simply construct a statement related to your sadness such as, “Even though I feel sad sometimes, I truly and deeply accept myself as I am.” The combination of the statement and the tapping clears out the negative associations with sadness and works to diminish the overeating or downward emotional spiral that can occur when people feel powerless about their sadness.

3. Diminish Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The Emotional Freedom Technique has been used in research studies and by EFT practitioners to reduce anxiety and diminish panic attacks. A constant state of anxiety or panic can be debilitating. It may lead to overeating, hasty decisions or accidents. Using EFT to resolve these emotional issues entails constructing a statement such as, “Even though I feel scared in a big group of people, I completely and truly accept myself as I am.” Again, the combination of the sequence of movements and repetition of the statement helps to reduce the impact of anxiety and panic attacks.

When you practice the Emotional Freedom Technique, you engage in pre- and post-assessments where you gauge your own state of distress caused by the particular problem. For example, you would ask yourself to name on a scale of 1 to 10 how upset the particular problem makes you feel–10 being the most upset. At the end of the EFT session, you rate the problem again. You know that EFT is working for you when your post-assessment falls lower on the scale. Studies have also found that the Emotional Freedom Technique is more effective if done repeatedly and continued across time.


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