3 Ways to Maintain Your Diet while on Vacation

Since most of the meals eaten during a vacation are consumed at restaurants, it’s easy to forget a diet plan when staring at menus full of colorful entrees while surrounded by delicious smelling food. But a vacation doesn’t need to be a time when a diet is entirely forgotten. Using a few simple guidelines, the food eaten during your trip can be fun and (mostly) healthy.

1. Utilize the Grocery Store or a Motel Kitchen

Most meals eaten during a vacation will be prepared by a restaurant or hotel staff, but it’s easy to take control of a few of those meals by making them yourself and visiting a grocery store. Although every hotel won’t offer a kitchen for every room, many grocery stores will provide customers with a full-service deli.

Instead of stopping for an ice cream cone for that midday snack, find a pre-cut fruit salad at the grocery store to share. Rather than have lunch at local bistro, treat your family to a picnic with easily prepared sandwiches from the deli counter. Using the grocery store for a few meals during your vacation might also sport the added benefit of being a cost-saver, because you’ll be making some of your meals yourself.

Consider packing healthy snacks before you depart that will be used during the first few days of your vacation. A cooler packed with fruit, vegetables and other healthy options will serve you well on the road to your destination.

2. Make Healthy Choices When Eating Out

Eating at a restaurant while on vacation won’t mean that all of the healthy items on the menu have disappeared. You can still choose grilled meat, low-fat sauces and zero-calorie drinks as responsible meal options.

While it is appropriate to indulge in your favorite foods occasionally, a vacation isn’t a reason to throw caution to the wind and order the most caloric options on the menu. An indulgence doesn’t need to be everything on the menu plus the kitchen sink.

If you choose to indulge in a large or heavy entree, try sharing your food with your family. You’ll be able to enjoy that cream sauce without going overboard on your total calories consumed. With a great many restaurants choosing to serve gigantic portions for their standard meals, sharing a meal can be a simple and healthy decision.

3. Find Ways to Exercise While Having Fun

It’s rare that a vacation will take you to an area where there’s absolutely no option for exercise. Sometimes it’s as easy as parking the car down the street from your intended destination. You can also choose to take a walking tour instead of a bus tour.

Taking an early morning walk around your hotel can be an easy way to insert some exercise into your day. Some hotels offer visitors an actual gym where you can engage in your normal exercise routine. Don’t forget to bring your workout clothes if you choose to visit a gym while on the road. The easiest way to tell yourself you don’t need to exercise is to blame it on a lack of appropriate clothing.


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