3 Ways to Enjoy the Antioxidant-Rich Pomegranate

Pomegranate is not only full of delicious flavor, but it is also loaded with antioxidants that help keep your immune system healthy and strong. The best thing about pomegranate, besides the antioxidants, is that it can be used in such a variety of ways that you may never stop finding ways to eat it! Here are 6 ways you can enjoy all the deliciousness and immune-strengthening benefits of pemegranates.

1. As a Drink

Pomegranate juice can be a refreshing treat at any time of year. Its sweet and tangy taste is the perfect complement to any vegetable snack or salad. You can make your own grenadine using a simple mixture of pomegranates, water and sugar. Mix your homemade grenadine with a light and fizzy soda, such as 7Up or Sprite, and you’ll have yourself a poppy and antioxidant-filled drink.

Pomegranate tea tastes great and ofers a large array of health benefits. You can find it in lots of different forms, from white pomegranate tea to pomegranate tea with Echinacea and more. Each provides your body with antioxidants it needs to stay healthy, but beware of the astringent and tangy flavors the pomegranate brings out, as it can be slightly overwhelming your first experience.

2. As a Main Course

Pomegranate juice is often used in a glaze or syrup for different kinds of meats such as lamb and beef. If you have pomegranates, you can have pomegranate glaze as all it takes is simmering of pomegranate juice. Use this as a glaze for your meats before you place them in the oven or roaster, and you’ll have yourself a delectable dinner chalk-full of antioxidants.

Roasted pomegranate chicken is a favorite recipe among many families because it is simple to make and the pomegranate infuses the chicken with sweet and tangy flavors. This is an easy and delicious way to eat healhty and build up your immune system at the same time.

3. As a Dessert

If you like sweet desserts, you will love your pomegranate dessert options. A pomegranate fruit parfait is the perfect dessert complement to any large meal. It combines the tartness of pomegranate with the softer juices of papaya and orange. Sprinkle some almonds and currants into the mix for a tangy-sweet surprise.

Try making pomegranate granita (Italian-style sorbet) to serve with a warm chocolate cake. The ingredients are simple as is the preparation, although it does take some time to prepare on its own before being served. Scoop some onto a slice of warm cake and serve.

Pomegranate can be used in such an array of ways that you have a plethora of choices of how to eat it and take in all the antioxidants it offers. Use its juice for grenadine, garnish your salads with pomegranate seeds, or even use its tangy and sweet flavors to creat entirely fresh products. The health benefits of the fruit are enormous, so any way you find to eat it will do your body good. The antioxidants will satisfy your body while the tastiness of the fruit will satisfy your craving for delicious food. There is no way around it, pomegranates offer a win-win situation for your health and your taste buds.


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