3 Ways to Enhance Your Jump Rope Exercises

A cheap, quick way to burn fat is the trusty jump rope. With only a minimal learning curve while mastering the jumps, including jump rope exercises to your routine has numerous benefits.

Pick the Right Rope

The right sized rope lets you complete your jumping workouts without getting your feet caught in the rope during the rope rotations. Stand tall with one foot on the rope. Raise arms up to assess the rope size. The rope should not come up past your armpits or below your chest. Opt for a longer rope if you are new to jumping rope, as it will turn slower. An adjustable rope is useful, so you can shorten it as you improve your skills.


Intense jump rope sessions are great at the gym, in your living room, or in backyard. Here are three ways to enhance your jump rope exercises that will blast fat fast.

1. Intervals: Get jumping at an easy pace, even allowing your feet to land twice for each rope revolution. Maintain that pace for 1 minute, then speed it up for 30 seconds to 1 minute to get your heart really pumping. Drop it back to your active rest pace and keep up your intervals for 10 minutes. If this is your only cardio routine for the day, complete this interval workout at both the beginning and end of your workout, or add a few minutes of active rest (walking, lifting weights, doing abdominal exercises, etc) between your 10-minute sessions.

2. One Leg Switches: Jumping on one leg is a great way to strengthen ankle and knee joints, as well as leg muscles. Keeping the focus, and your entire body weight, on just one leg will take your strength to the next level quickly. Additionally, you’ll be able to rest one leg at a time, enabling you to jump longer for increased cardio benefits. Count revolutions and jump 20-25 times on one leg, then switch. Jump on both feet in between as a rest period before you repeat. Repeat the circuit as many times as necessary to complete  a 10-minute jump session.

3. Double Turns: As you jump, incorporate a series of double turn jumps. To do them, jump higher and turn the rope two times under your feet before they touch the ground. Do 5-10 double turns, then a minute or so of easier jumps before you repeat the higher jumping intervals.

Cardio Blaster

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is highly regarded by athletes and fitness gurus. Use the rope to complete short 1-2 minute blasts of cardio between weight sets to keep your heart racing and to turn your weight session into cardio time. Try the intense options offered above and do those without rest for the 1-2 minute blast, using the weight sets as your active rest. This is a great way to fatigue leg muscles before sets of leg presses or to eek out the last bit of energy in your calves after calf raises.



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