3 Tips for Eliminating Junk Food from Your Diet

Junk food is the bane of many dieters. Most people consider junk foods to be foods that are high in calories, fat, sugar or sodium and also as foods which do not provide a solid foundation of other nutrients. As a result, they contribute to weight gain and other health problems without being a necessary part of a diet.

If you feel that you eat too much junk food for the goals that you’re trying to achieve in terms of weight maintenance or weight loss, there are a few ways that you can manage to eliminate it from your diet. Read on for some basic tips on how to eat in a more healthy manner by reducing the quantity of junk food that you eat.

1. Substitute Out

One of the best ways to eliminate junk food is to substitute it out for other foods which are healthier. Many people find that they want to continue to eat snacks in between meals, as this helps to curb hunger and can keep your metabolism moving more efficiently. Look for healthier alternatives to standard junk foods as a way of having different snacks in your diet. You can find reduced fat or calorie versions of those same foods or by substituting in fruits, vegetables and other nutritious items.

2. Look for Junk Food Alternatives

There are healthier types of many junk foods which can help you to reduce the total number of calories that you bring into your body. For instance, rather than eat standard fried potato chips, consider purchasing instead baked versions of the same chips. Candies are often available in low sugar alternatives as well. Explore your grocery store for “junk foods” which are healthier in terms of the various types of nutrients that they have.

3. Set Up a Rewards System

A rewards system is a good way of monitoring your junk food intake while simultaneously eating in a way that’s more healthy. A system like this is generally designed to limit the portions of junk foods that you eat while giving you a reward to work toward at the same time. For instance, you might set up a system in which if you eat a healthy meal each meal of the day, you get to enjoy a limited portion of a junk food or other mildly unhealthy item for the next day. These systems often work the best when employed with another person; look for someone in your family or a friend to help motivate you by setting up the incentives and rewards plan alongside you.

Junk food, as with all other types of food, is most important in terms of portions. If you eat reasonable portion sizes of even junk foods, you can still live a healthy and happy life. Be sure to be familiar with the nutritional information for each food you eat.


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