3 Stylish Winter Clothes for Your Body Type

Ideally, winter clothes should be able to give you warmth and comfort while still helping you look presentable and stylish. If you are planning to shop for winter clothes, one of the most important things you need to consider would be your body type. As you probably know, you need to learn to dress for you particular body type if you wish to look your best. Here’s a guideline on how you can look stylish this winter no matter what your body shape is. 

1. Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses are a great way to stay warm and look feminine at the same time. There many styles of sweater dresses that you can choose from in order to select the right one for your body type. If you have a straight or rectangular body type (which means your silhouette is almost straight from your bust to your hips and you hardly have any waist), then you might want to choose sweater dresses that can put an emphasis to your waist. This will give your body a more proportional figure. Adding a belt to your sweater dress will also automatically accentuate your waist. If you have a pear or an hourglass figure, you can also wear a belted sweater dress to help show off your curves.

2. Wool Suits or Trousers

Suits or trousers made of wool are the ideal winter clothes for going to the office, a formal luncheon or any event where you need to look sleek and professional. When you choose to wear these popular winter clothing items, your goal should be to make your legs look longer, no matter what your body type is. If you have an apple or a straight body type, you should strive to balance out your figure by choosing trousers or pants that are slightly flared. If you have a pear shape and you happen to be on the short side, slightly flared trousers or straight-leg pants are a better choice.

3. Winter Coats

No winter wardrobe would be complete without a stylish winter coat. If your body type is petite, straight or both then you might want to stay away from winter coats that are too long, large and bulky. These types of coats will make it look like the coat is wearing you instead of the other way around. Instead, invest in cropped jackets and coats. If you can’t find one that will fit your small frame, you can always have the smallest size altered.

If you have a pear body type, opt for winter coats that have a lot of detail on top – such as a faux fur collar. This type of detail will draw attention away from your wide hips and will make your body look more balanced. If you have an apple-shaped body type, make sure that you choose a winter coat that’s roomy enough to fit your large bust size.


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