3 Signs Your Thyroid is Preventing Weight Loss

The thyroid is a very important gland in the body that controls a number of things. Some people may have heard others talk about how they have a thyroid problem that is affecting their weight.

The thyroid gland produces a type of hormone called thyroxine, which controls your ability to digest food, your bowel movements, heart rate and appetite. The lower the thyroxine levels in the body, the lower your metabolism is. If your metabolism is too low, you may find you have a hard time losing weight, or even difficulty keeping from gaining weight no matter how little you eat. Some ways you can tell if your thyroid might be affecting your ability to lose weight include:

1. Never Eating

Many people suspect a problem with their thyroid when they find they can never seem to lose weight, no matter how much they try. If you notice your food intake is minimal and you aren’t eating unhealthily, and yet you’re still unable to shed those unwanted pounds, it might be worth it to have your thyroid checked and ensure your metabolism isn’t affected. Don’t continue decreasing your food intake if you think something might be wrong, as your body will start lacking the nutrients it needs to remain healthy.

2. Body Temperature and Fatigue

The thyroid also affects the body’s temperature. In fact, the lower the body temperature, the lower your metabolism, so body temp plays a part in your ability to drop weight. Fatigue, likewise, can affect your weight. Fatigue and body temp can be attributed to many things but if, on top of those, you notice you’re not losing the weight you’re trying to lose, have your thyroid levels checked. Likewise, a slow heart rate can be an indicator of a drop in body temperature.

3. Weight Gain

If you’re dieting, exercising, eating right and getting a good amount of sleep, you ought to be losing those unwanted pounds or at the very least, maintaining a healthy weight. But if you find yourself actually gaining weight rather than losing it, this could be a sign of thyroid problems. This is especially true if you have been maintaining a regular weight on your current diet and lifestyle, and suddenly start gaining for no apparent reason at all. This could definitely be a sign that something is off.

Don’t assume because the pounds don’t simply fall away, that something may be wrong with your thyroid. However, if you’ve been trying diet and exercise, and nothing seems to be working, you should have your doctor check and search for underlying problems. If you believe there is a problem with your thyroid, ask your doctor. A simple blood test can determine if there is a problem with the amount of hormones your body is producing and if it is potentially causing your lack of weight loss, or even your weight gain.


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