3 Safe Weight Loss Tips for Childbearing Women

Losing weight is a difficult process for anyone, but may be especially difficult for women who are childbearing as they are concerned about maintaining their body for the pregnancy. This article discusses 3 tips that can be used by women of any age–but especially those who are pregnant–in order to achieve weight loss. Try them out today and get on the path to great health!

1. Watch What You Eat

One of the best ways to safely lose weight if you are of childbearing age is to decrease your calorie intake. Before we begin to discuss how to do this safely, you must understand the science behind weight loss. In one pound of fat, there is 3500 calories–and therefore, in order to lose one pound of weight, which is what is recommended by the Surgeon General for best weight loss results, you must cut 700 calories out from your diet. As you will see in a bit, exercising on a regular basis can help to eliminate some of these calories, but most women tend to use mostly dieting as a way to lose weight.

Unfortunately, trendy diets that require the exclusion of certain foods in order to achieve weight loss are becoming more and more popular, and with them come severe vitamin deficiencies. When dieting, instead of eliminating certain foods completely, try to simply choose lower calorie versions of the food you are concerned about. For example, instead of eliminating dairy from your diet, choose dairy products that are made from low or nonfat milk. This way, you will still be getting the calcium that you body needs to properly function, but will not be getting an excessive calorie intake.

2. Exercise

As described above, exercise is a great way to achieve weight loss. According to the Surgeon General, for best weight loss results you should exercise for at least 30 minutes five days a week. In general, exercising at a moderate intensity for ten minutes will result in a calorie burn of 100 calories–and therefore, by increasing this time to 30 minutes, you will burn 300 calories. Combine this with a decreased calorie intake of 400 calories per day from dieting, and you are at your goal of eliminating 700 calories per day from your diet.

3. Keep a Weight Loss Record

Weight loss is a very difficult and challenging process, and therefore, using a weight loss journal can be a great way to track what you eat, record your exercise calories burnt, and write down your current weight status. Often, when people accurately write down what they eat on a regular basis, they are better able to determine where they can cut calories, or increase their exercise routine. You may also use the record book as a journal to record your feelings on your journey to an ideal body weight.


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