3 Reasons to Keep Your Diet Resolution

The New Year is synonymous with making a resolution. Resolutions in and of themselves are not bad things; the problem stems from people looking at New Year’s resolutions as more of a novelty and not being completely serious about making real changes. If you’re ready to make a New Year’s diet resolution, here are 3 reasons why you should stick with your decision.

1. What You Eat Is More Important than Exercising

While physical exercise is an important component of staying healthy, if you’re looking to diet, as most people are, to lose weight and look and feel better, improving your eating habits is the first step. Tosca Reno, author of The Eat Clean Diet and regular contributor to Oxygen magazine, puts it simply: the formula for a beautiful body is 10 percent strength training and exercise, 10 percent genetics and a whopping 80 percent nutrition. And when you think about the formula, it all makes sense. When you eat healthily and consume the proper sized portions of nutrient-rich foods, you’re more likely to eat the right number of calories your body needs. If you’re not overeating and are moderately active, your body will balance itself out. When you consider that it’ll take a good 45 minutes at the gym to burn off the calories in that frappachino, you’re better off not drinking it in the first place.

2. It’s Not about the Short Term

Most people make diet New Year’s resolutions because they want to drop several pounds and look better. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better, but focusing only on the surface is the reason why so many people end up giving up on their resolutions. Your internal health is a more important reason to stick with your diet resolution. A proper diet is essential to warding off numerous diseases and health ailments, two of the most prevalent being diabetes and heart disease. On a more immediate level, proper nutrition will simply make you feel better every day. You’ll have more energy and will be less likely to become sick (common cold and flu). When you focus on the internal health benefits, it’s easier to see a diet resolution as a life long commitment.

3. You’ll Save Money

We’re not just talking long term savings here from fewer illness-related health care expenses. Your diet resolution most likely centers on eating healthier foods. Junk foods and fast foods do not fall into that category. When you begin preparing meals at home and packing your lunch rather than buying it at a restaurant, you’ll see the savings add up quickly. For instance, making one pot of heart-healthy turkey chili costs only about $10 to make and will yield about eight servings. $10 is about the price of lunch at a restaurant! Multiply it out and you’ll see the savings that come with cooking at home.

Making a diet resolution should be seen as making a long term commitment to your health. Think of the big picture when you make your resolution. That’s reason enough to keep it!


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