3 Reasons to get a Haircut if you are Trying to Lose Weight

Getting a haircut when you are trying to lose weight is just as important and buying a new dress in a smaller size. Losing weight not only changes the way you physically feel, but also how you feel about yourself. As we shed pounds, our clothes become looser, and our physiques take on a whole new shape. We become so focused on our bodies, that we often neglect our hair. Below are 3 reasons you should get a haircut while trying to lose weight.

1. Feel Good

Nothing feels better than a fresh hairstyle. If your hair has been the same for more than one year, then you need a drastic change now. Get a cut that suits your face and brings out your best features. Add colors that highlight your eyes and brighten your skin. After all, you are changing for the better and you want the world to notice you.

2. Exercise Friendly Hair

Chances are that if you’re losing weight you’re working out. Not every hairstyle works well for the gym. Get a haircut that is easy to maintain between workouts. Shorter hair often works best because it won’t absorb as much sweat and is easier to dry after a shower.

3. Changing Face

As you lose weight, your face changes. You want a cut that compliments the shape of your face. If you have heavy hair that hangs around your face, it takes away from your looks. Lightening up the hair with a new, airy haircut will have everyone asking, “Did you lose weight?”


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