3 Reasons to Avoid the Lemonade Detox Diet

A detox dietalways sounds like an un-diet way to lose weight.  The word “detox” sounds like you are doing something good for your body, ridding it of the harmful toxins that we consume, breathe and expose ourselves to on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, a detox doesn’t just get rid of the harmful toxins, but the good stuff as well. The Lemonade Detox diet is all the rage these days, gaining credibility from a variety of Hollywood celebrities and talk show hosts.

Even with the best intentions of cleaning out your system, the Lemonade Detox will likely do you more harm than good.  From nutrient loss to fat gain, you could be putting yourself at risk of increased body issues, rather than just those last few stubborn pounds.

What is the Lemonade Detox Diet?

The Lemonade Detox diet, or the Hollywood Master Clense, is a juice fast that lasts anywhere from 5-14 days. The drink is made of lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and tree syrup, like maple syrup. The only other things consumed are salt water and a laxative tea. The purpose of any detox is to flush toxins from your system, and this diet does just that. 

Why should I avoid the Lemonade Detox?

As if the lack of food and social interaction (no happy hour, dinner with friends, ice cream with the kids) weren’t bad enough, the Lemonade Detox has a number of harmful consequences for you to consider before choosing it as your diet of choice. Few doctors back the merits of the Lemonade Detox Diet.

  • Loss of electrolytes and vital nutrients: The Lemonade Detox diet flushes your body of electrolytes, and vital nutrients like potassium. The extended days that you are on the diet can lead to heart problems, like palpitations and arrhythmias, or organ damage. Without these necessary vitamins, you become more susceptible to illness and infection. 
  • Loss of lean muscle mass: Will you lose weight on the Lemonade Detox? Sure. This diet causes weight loss because it flushes water and nutrients from your system. With essentially no nutritional make-up, and absolutely not one gram of protein, cells can’t function.  Protein is the main nutrient in cellular makeup.  Without it, cells can’t divide, or produce new muscle mass, so you generally lose it, which contributes to the pounds coming off. However, you do not lose an ounce of fat courtesy of your dedication to the lemon. So instead of burning fat you lose the muscle that you spend hours in the gym trying to tone.
  • Rapid Re-gain: Most ex-detoxers can attest that they gain back about 3/4 of the weight that they lost. Most people are disappointed in themselves when that happens, too, as though they had failed. Despite your hard work at eating nothing for two weeks, weight gain is inevitable once you start eating again. Sadly, most of that weight is put back on as fat. Yes, fat. That yucky stuff that you wanted to get rid of!  When you’re detoxing, your metabolic rate slows to conserve energy and keep you alive on your extremely minimal caloric intake. When you reintroduce food, your body stores the calories, no matter how healthy, as fat, in case it stays in starvation mode any longer. 

Weight loss on the lemonade detox diet is inevitable, with such severe calorie restriction, but keep in mind these three downfalls when you are choosing a diet plan.


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