3 Reasons the Snooze Button Could Ruin Your Diet

Hitting the snooze button is a habit for many people. Hitting it one too many times in the mornings can actually sabotage your diet efforts. Here are three reasons why hitting the snooze button can ruin your diet:

1. Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a bad idea for dieters. It is a common habit for many people, but is especially the case for those who repeatedly hit the snooze button. 10 extra minutes in the morning can make the difference between eating breakfast and skipping it altogether.

Some people justify the habit of skipping breakfast because, after all, when you don’t eat a meal, you also don’t get the calories. In reality, skipping breakfast creates many problems. When you skip breakfast, your body then goes for a large number of hours without fuel. Your metabolism slows down. You are also famished by the time lunch time rolls around. The tendency for people who skip breakfast is to eat much larger lunches and dinners. Additionally, snacking is a common habit for those who don’t eat breakfast. Unless it is a food allowed by your diet plan, snacking often consists of high fat, high sugar foods.

2. Skipping Exercise

Another reason that hitting the snooze button is a bad idea if you’re trying to lose weight is that the extra 20 minutes in the morning could be devoted to exercise. You may have every intention of sticking to your morning exercise routine, but when that alarm goes off, the thought of staying in bed seems much more inviting than getting up and hitting your treadmill or jogging around the block.

Skipping daily exercise is detrimental to any weight loss program. When you exercise, you burn off calories and build muscles which increase the number of calories you burn. By skipping your morning exercise activity, it may be harder to reach your ideal weight.

3. Increasing Stress

Another connection between hitting the snooze button and ruining your diet is an increase in your stress level. When you skip breakfast, skip exercise and rush around each morning to get to work or get the children off to school, you may experience a higher degree of anxiety and possibly fatigue. You have not fueled your body with food. You do not have the energizing benefit of exercise. It is very difficult to meet the day’s demands when you don’t take some moments to yourself in the morning to sit quietly, breathe, meditate or reflect on your body’s needs and your weight loss goals.

Repeatedly hitting the snooze button is usually an indication that your body is not getting enough sleep. Consider going to bed earlier each night. Make sure that your sleeping environment is quiet and free of distractions. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. When you wake up in the morning, you will be less likely to hit the snooze button and more eager to get up on time, eat breakfast, exercise and start your day with peace of mind.


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