3 Natural Anti-Aging Products

Natural anti-aging products are a hot trend in the beautycare market. Multitudes of skin products claim to fight or even reverse the signs of aging, but many of these cleansers, creams and serums are full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. These substances can be quite harsh and abrasive, or even cause an allergic skin reaction or excessive dryness. Treat your skin properly by using 1 or all of these 3 anti-aging products that contain natural ingredients.

 1. Waoira Skincents

Waoira Skincents is a spa-inspired line based on a 4-step approach to healthy, radiant and youthful skin. These steps include cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and treat.

Waoira’s facial skincare products include Cleansing Facial Gel, Moisturizing Facial Cleanser, Refining Microderm Treatment, Firming Facial Mask, Revitalizing Facial Serum and Regenerating Wrinkle Treatment. All of which include natural ingredients such as sea minerals, aloe vera, coconut oil, green tea, white tea, vitamins A and C, ginseng and many other botanical and natural oils and herbs.

This skincare line boasts vitamin-, mineral- and botanical-based formulations that are dermatologist tested and won’t clog pores. Waoira’s products are never tested on animals and do not contain any parabens, mineral oils or fragrances. They also offer all-natural bodycare products.

2. Zen Biotic Skin Therapy

Zen Biotic Skin Therapy produces skincare products that are 100 percent organic. They incorporate raw botanicals and innovative technology in order to formulate healthy, nourishing skin treatments. Their approach advises you to optimize the health and beauty of your skin by allowing it to breathe.

Zen Biotic Skin Therapy essential products never include alcohol, preservatives, chemicals or parabens. They offer formulations that boast a 10+ year shelf life. Products include Face and Body Cleanser, Skin Preparation Serum, Phyto Moisturizer, Cell Renewal Serum, Enzyme Serum, Sun Protective Moisturizer and Winter Protective Moisturizer.

3. Paul Penders

The Paul Penders motto is “Natural & Organic Is Good for Your Skin & Great for Mother Nature Too!” They offer cosmetics, skincare and bodycare products that are only made with pure organic certified ingredients with high-quality essential oils. Paul Penders guarantees products that are free from chemicals, artificial colors, chemical foam boosters, emulsifiers, perfumes and preservatives, and they never test on animals. They also employ a patented herbal extract from 22 organically grown Eastern and Western herbs. 

Paul Penders products include Alpinia and Tea Tree Cleansing Wash, Rosemary and Calunda Cleansing Milk, Chamomile and Moringa Skin Toner, Aloe and Lavender A.M. Moisturizer, Avocado and Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer, Juniper and Yarrow 24-Hour Moisturizer, Plantago Essential Eye Gel, Hydrating Control Serum, Citrus Fruit Exfoliant, Ceramide Recovery Lipo Serum, Whitening Aqualuna and Rescue Blemish Away.

Another option for using natural or organic products on your skin is to make the products yourself. Health food stores carry herbs and essential oils that can be mixed to create homemade skin treatments. You can also grow your own herbs and natural botanicals. Be sure to read about the benefits of each herb or essential oil before applying it to your skin.


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