3 Motivational Benefits of Having an Exercise Partner

Having an exercise partner can help motivate you to stick to a fitness regimen. While you may choose the wrong person to be your fitness partner and have some negative experiences, more likely than not, the person you choose to be your partner will actually make working out come more naturally to you. Select a good friend or trusted family member on whom you know you can rely as your exercise partner, and experience the following motivational benefits:

1. No Excuses

When you exercise by yourself, there’s no one for you to answer to but yourself. It’s easy to come home exhausted from a day of work, school or errands, and tell yourself that skipping one day of working out won’t hurt you. It’s easy to say that you simply don’t have time to work out because you can’t look at your own life objectively. However, take just one day off from your workout regimen and it’s even more difficult for you to return to your routine.

When you have an exercise partner, you’ll be able to encourage each other to stick to the routine. Knowing you’re going to let someone else down if you cancel a pre-planned workout may encourage you to fight through fatigue and stick to the plan. Or, if you still try the same old excuses as to why you need to cancel, your partner will encourage you to stay on track. Your fitness partner can also help you find the time to workout–by getting up a little earlier, meeting for a workout during lunch breaks, or by coordinating babysitting, petsitting meals or the like for both your families.

2. Encouragement

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by your fitness goals; after all, it can take weeks, months or even years for you to lose weight and/or get in better shape when you pace yourself the correct way. Someone who’s there with you every step of the way, who sees how hard you’re working and how much progress you’re making, can help you relax and celebrate your individual successes along the way. Break your overall fitness goals into smaller, manageable chunks and then applaud your exercise partner when she meets her own. Celebrate with one another with a fun night on the town every few weeks.

3. Makes Time Fly

Many people find exercising to be not only exhausting, but somewhat boring as well. They don’t enjoy being alone when they work out and they feel like they’re “wasting” valuable time they could put to better use elsewhere. When you have an exercise partner, you can chat with each other and keep each other entertained. You won’t be wasting time because you’re multitasking as you catch up with each other’s lives once a week or a few nights a week. You’ll be surprised to find how quickly the time you and your fitness partner have together will fly by and how much you’ll be looking forward to your next get-together. Just be sure to pay close attention when working out with potentially dangerous equipment.


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