3 Most Flattering Plus Size Jeans

Jeans work for any season and are by far the most loved article in most wardrobes. Finding attractive plus size jeans, however, can be daunting. If were a size 14 or larger, then sometimes its easier to skip the jeans section altogether in your department store. Fear no more because today’s designers are in tune with your needs. Follow these guidelines to finding the 3 most flattering plus size jeans.

1. Color choice

When seeking that perfect pair of jeans that are stylish and sexy, always look for darker washes. Deep blues and blacks slim your figure and transition well from day to evening. You can always dress dark jeans up or down depending upon the occasion.

2. Material

Buy jeans that are made from stretchy material. They hug your curves, but don’t bunch or bulk where you don’t want them to. Stretch fabric also allows you to bend and move without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Avoid jeans that are pleated because they tend to bunch around your waist, adding unwanted bulk.

3. Cut and Style

Don’t settle on a size. Designers typically have their own idea of what size is, and many brands size their jeans differently. What may fit in one brand may not in another. Try on several sizes to make sure you have the perfect fit.

Understanding your body shape will allow you to shop for the right clothes and find the best fit:

  • Apple shape: characterized by a shapely figure that blossoms in the middle. As an apple, you tend to have a large bust, thick waist, and slim legs. Bootcut jeans work best to balance your overall look. Find jeans that fall below the ankle line to create a seemless line from your waist to your feet.
  • Pear shape: characterized by a smaller midsection and full thighs and buttocks. Your narrow shoulders and bust may create an appearance of imbalance. Bootcut jeans also work best for your figure because they offer roominess in the thighs that create a slimming look. Avoid tappered jeans and jeans that sit high above the waistline.

Fitting Options

Designers understand that no two bodies are created alike. What may work for your friend may look awkward on you. That is why you need to find the fit that works for you and stick with it. You don’t need a closet filled with hundreds of different designer jeans. Save yourself stress, time, and money by sticking with the brand you love.>

If you aren’t sure which designer works for you, many online retailers, like Zafu.com, offer you plus size fit finders. They provide you with access to dozens of clothing brands and details about how they fit. These sites have tested dozens of jeans on hundreds of different shapes, sizes and heights to come up with the perfect fit for your body type.


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