3 Medical Spider Veins Treatment Options

While spider veins treatment is oftentimes not necessary from a medical perspective, it’s true that many women wish to address these unseemly veins from a personal or beauty approach. Spider veins are generally harmless and will cause few if any side symptoms beyond their appearance.

There are a number of different treatment options for spider veins, running from at home and natural lifestyle changes up to medical procedures and equipment. Generally speaking, the medical procedures designed to treat spider veins are oftentimes more effective and generally better at reducing the content of these veins than the natural remedies. of course, the downside to this benefit is that medical spider vein treatments are oftentimes more expensive than their alternatives.

1. Support Hose

Support and compression hose are the least expensive way to help treat spider veins. These hose provide a stable and constant support to your legs, which helps to stimulate proper blood flow. As the blood continues to flow through your legs, it isless likely to pool up in certain areas and to cause problems that may lead to spider veins. This not only helps to prevent further spider veins from appearing, but can also be used to treat and reduce the spider veins that you already have as well.

2. Laser Treatments

A variety of surface level laser treatments are common today in the treatment and management of spider veins. These therapies are beneficial over other types of medical procedures because they are not at all invasive. The laser therapies of this type are used in much the same way as facial rejuvenation treatments; the concentrated light is designed to clean up blemishes in the skin and to stimulate the growth of new skin tissue in the area as well. It can also help to stimulate blood flow in the area, thereby further reducing the instances of spider veins in your legs. There are several different types of surface level laser treatments that can help to address spider veins, so it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor or with a cosmetic surgeon about the possibilities that are best suited for you and your case.

3. Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a mildly invasive treatment method for spider veins that results in the veins being injected with a liquid treatment that helps to both mask them and to create a better blood flow in the part of the leg as well. Sclerotherapy is an older method of treating spider veins, but recent developments in technology have allowed for it to continue to be a viable and popular option for many people. It is not typically used alone, and will oftentimes be combined with support hose, laster treatment or other natural methods of helping to deal with spider veins as well. Typically, a patient undergoing sclerotherapy will require two or more different sessions in order to have a full run of injections necessary to help stimulate the reduction of the spider veins completely.


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