3 Makeup Tricks to Accentuate Your Features at Any Age

Knowing about various makeup tricks is important if you want to look your best for any occasion. Makeup is used in order to hide your flaws and put emphasis on your best features. One of the best things about makeup is that it can be used at any age. Here are some makeup tricks that you can use to accentuate your best features, regardless of your age.

1. Skin

Good skin is the foundation of any beauty regimen. Therefore, if you’re looking for makeup tricks that will help enhance your beauty, look for ways to achieve flawless and radiant skin. Moisture is an important factor in skin health regardless of what age you are. Well-moisturized skin is basically less prone to skin aging signs like wrinkles. If your skin is already showing minor signs of aging, make sure you wear a good moisturizer underneath your makeup. Aside from preventing skin dryness, this will also enhance the application of your makeup. If you already have fine lines on your face, you might want to stay away from powder foundation because this can make lines more visible. Instead, choose liquid or cream foundations. You should also use a moisturizing concealer to hide imperfections such as broken capillaries or dark circles under your eyes.

To give your skin a young and healthy glow, a skin tone-appropriate blush should also be part of your makeup regimen. You start by applying cream blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend the color well towards your hairline. A good dose of blush will make you look radiant and less fatigued.

2. Eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but every woman knows that they can also be the windows to their real age. This is why you need to learn how to apply age-appropriate eye makeup. If you use eyeshadow, make sure that you prep your eyelids with some cream foundation or eyeshadow primer. When deciding what eyeshadow color to use, use your hair color as a guide. If you’re a blonde, use cream or taupe-colored eyeshadow. If you have dark hair, opt for chocolate browns or mocha. If you have red hair, you will look best in copper, lavender or peach. If you’re an older woman who is not afraid to reveal your gray hair, choose soft purple or blue eyeshadow.

If you’re an aging woman and you have wrinkles around your eye area then you should be careful about applying eye makeup. The wrong makeup can actually make your wrinkles more visible. Avoid lining your lower lids with eyeliner, because this can give you a harsh look. You may line your upper lashes, but use a less dark color like gray or brown.

3. Lips

If aging has caused your lips to dry out, you should apply some moisturizing agent to them before putting on lipstick. If you have lines around your mouth, you should also conceal them with some foundation or concealer first. No matter what shade of lipstick you choose, make sure it has plenty of moisture.


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