3 Make Over Tips to Heal Heartbreak

Heartbreak, and its accompanying depression and the desire to give up, has visited us all. When our hearts are broken, our first instinct is to crawl inside ourselves and just wallow in self-pity (and ride the pain out). However, there are other options.

There is always a tendency to let yourself go physically when you are in the throws of despair and feel zapped of the energy to get up out of bed each day, let alone shower, dress, do your hair and, most difficult, face the day. At this point, is when you must take a stand, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “I am not going to let this beat me!” The best revenge for heartbreak is to look and feel fabulous. Here are 3 make over tips to help you heal your heartbreak:

1. Exercise Your Way out of Heartbreak

Exercise may be the very last thing you want to do when you are down in the dumps and don’t even feel like moving, but it really is the best thing for you. During exercise, your body not only reduces the stress inducing hormones but releases endorphins. Endorphins, with their natural spirit boosters, increase your overall feeling of well being. Mental health counselors frequently recommend exercise as a part of treatment for cases of mild to moderate depression, and that’s because those who are physically active tend to recover more quickly. By exercising, you will not only be in a better place mentally, but you can also create a body that will have your ex eating his heart out.

2. Jazz up Your Wardrobe

Shopping can be similar to exercise, as it is a well-known form of therapy. Therefore, now that you have exercised and transformed your body, you will of course need new clothes that will compliment it. If your budget won’t accommodate a wild shopping spree at your local upscale mall, don’t fret, there are other more affordable options. Visit local consignment shops; these stores will invariably have some top of the line clothes at reasonable prices. Another option, which is often times overlooked, is the local Good Will or Salvation Army stores.

3. Try a New Haircut  

Now that you have transformed your body and outfitted your new body with a stylish new wardrobe, it is now time to top it all of with the greatest hair cut in town. Do something drastic, like getting a short, extra cute hair cut if you have long, flowing hair. If you have short hair, you can still find a way to make a drastic change. If you have no idea what would suit you, pick up a couple of the hairstyle magazines in abundance at the grocery store. On the other hand, your hairdresser may have some suggestions as well.

These make over tips will take you a long way in recovering your self-esteem and ridding yourself of the heartbreak that you feel. Don’t put off starting on them for one more day. Taking the first step today will make you feel ten times better tomorrow.


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