3 Leg Toning Exercises to Improve Strength

Everybody wants killer legs. Here are three leg toning exercises that will have your legs looking and feeling stronger than ever.

1. Calf Toning Exercise

Believe it or not, your calves can actually be one of the hardest places to tone and strengthen. This is because no matter what size you are, you probably use your calves every single day. They easily support your body weight. Calves are tough, so you have to work a little harder on them.

The elliptical is a great machine to help you strengthen and tone your calf muscles. To use this wonderful machine to focus on your calves, the first thing you want to remember is to lean forward a little, keep your back upright, and place your hands on the stationary center bar on the elliptical. Next, you should raise your heels and push down on the balls of your feet. If you want to intensify your calve workout, you should run backwards, remembering to keep let your heels dig just a little deeper into the foot plate. This will give you calves a great workout.

2. Hamstring Toning Exercise

Your hamstrings are usually one of the areas you miss when you’re working out. So, it’s important to single them out and give them a little special attention. This is especially true when you want to firm, tighten and strengthen them.

To strengthen your hamstrings with the elliptical, place your hands on the center bar to better control your movements as you run in reverse. You will fill your hamstrings start to work right away. It does feel pretty awkward at first, but keep on moving. You’ll get the hang of it after a while. Make sure that you raise your heels just a little bit off the foot plates of the machine, and then press downward to keep your hamstrings tight. This workout serves as a great way to isolate your hamstrings and really feel the burn.

    3. Thigh Toning Exercise

    Some people struggle with their inner thighs, while others battle with their outer thighs. Of course, there are also those who put a lot of effort into toning both. Let’s face it; those thighs can be quite stubborn when it comes to getting the toned firm look you want. So they may require special attention from time to time. Here is an exercise that will help your thighs and hips get toned and strengthened.

    On the elliptical, you can strengthen and tone your thighs using “short bursts.” This is where you run on the elliptical and a comfortable pace until you get your heart rate up. After your heart rate is at an appropriate speed, go in for the short burst! This means accelerate as fast as you can while still being in control of the elliptical. You really want to push yourself during the short bursts, which can last as long as you want them to. Of course, they are called short bursts for a reason.  Your thighs will really feel the burn with this workout. If you want to challenge yourself a bit more, try cranking up the incline which will give you resistance and really work those thighs!

    All of these excercises are great for your lower body, and with continued use, you will see results. Just work hard and stay consistent. You will be on your way to killer legs in no time!


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