3 Jump Rope Cardio Routines

Jump rope has taken on a whole new meaning from the days of elementary school and sing-songs. Jumping ropes is one of the best cardio routines you can do, and it’s easier on joints than running. As with most forms of cardio, there are a couple of different routines you can do to help customize your results and keep it interesting. When you incorporate jump rope into your cardio routine, you can increase your calorie burn by tricking your body and making it work harder. Jump rope cardio is also an easy way to include the whole family in a healthier lifestyle.

1. Intervals

Intervals are the best way to boost calorie burn and get the results you’re looking for. Intervals mix short bursts of high intensity with short periods of moderate intensity to sharply increase and decrease your heart rate. With jump rope routines, intervals can be done with speeding up and slowing down your jumping. This is an easy way, especially if you’re new to jump roping, and can be adapted to use with children. Jump using the standard Bunny Hop method with two feet. Start with a slow-paced five-minute warm up. For your first interval, jump at a moderate pace for one to two minutes, then jump at the highest speed you can for one minute. Repeat these rounds for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your fitness level.

Another form of intervals is to combine other fitness techniques into your jump rope routine. After a five-minute warm up, jump rope at a moderate pace for one to two minutes, then drop down and do crunches for one minute. Hop back up and jump rope for another three minutes, hit the floor for push ups for three minutes. Continue these intervals for 30 minutes and you’ll feel the burn in places you never thought you could. If you can’t complete all these rounds, shorten or lessen the intensity levels until you become more fit.

2. Jump Rope Techniques

If you remember anything from elementary school, it’s definitely the complicated jump rope routines you and your classmates did. Don’t expect to jump straight into a whirling double dutch and jump your way into the record books, but even a few of the more challenging moves can help you burn more calories. Try jumping in the standard Bunny Hop style for three minutes, then use the same technique to swing the rope the other way and jump backwards. This may take a bit of practice but once you have it down, you’ll find yourself concentrating more.

3. Take It to the Next Level

Once you have the basics of jump roping down, you can incorporate more advanced techniques into your routine. Try the slalom (jumping side to side), figure eights (whipping the rope in front of you between jumps) and straddle (do jumping jacks while jumping rope). These are all techniques that are great to do to your favorite music. End the routine with a nice slow jump to cool down. If you’re feeling energized, complete the 10-minute routine again.

Jumping rope can be a great cardio excercise to incorporate into your fitness routine. Jump ropes are cost-effective, available everywhere and the routines can be completed anywhere.


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