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Although frozen dinners are a billion dollar industry, they do lack in many ways. The taste is lacking (we’ve all had a cup of broccoli stalks floating in water!), they lack in quality vegetables (that’s the broccoli stalks again), the meat and vegetables don’t always cook evenly, they generally aren’t filling, and they rarely work with today’s good carb/reduced carb diets.

turkey wrap with coleslaw
The Fresh Food Delivery industry is changing all of this. We tried the delicious, fresh foods of 3 Hour Diet at Home and eDiets own Deliciously Yours program, also known as eDiets Express. They are delicious foods, both created by by Purfoods. The food is delivered fresh on ice, in perfectly stacking containers for the fridge. It’s guaranteed to stay fresh for at least 10 days. In an instant, we had breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week. This totally eliminated the risk of slipping on a diet because we worked late and didn’t have time to plan a meal, or because we didn’t feel like cooking, or because we were missing a vital ingredient. How many times have you given in to fast food, or a full service restaurant for one of these reasons? This will never happen with fresh foods delivered by 3 Hour Diet at Home or Deliciously Yours.

We had one of the tastiest weeks of our dieting life eating this food, and we actually stayed on plan. Everything is FRESH, high quality and preservative free, and you can completely tell the difference. Some of our favorite meals included:

Breakfast –
Blueberry Muffin, with a Fresh Pear. Moist and just the right sweetness, this muffin was ‘very berry’, and the pear was perfectly ripe.

peanut butter and jelly french toast with dilled eggs

Blitz with wild berries The last time we had berry blintzes for breakfast, we were at a 4 star hotel. Delicious memories!

Cream Cheese and Jelly French Toast with Scrambled Dill Eggs 3 pieces of french toast, with packets of cream cheese and jelly to spread, alongside scrambled egg whites with dill flavoring. Low calorie, but full of flavor.

Lunch –
Portabella Mushroom Napoleon A perfectly marinated mushroom with melted cheese, a juicy roasted tomato, and a dijon scented balsamic sauce with just the right bite.

Hoisin Glazed Chicken with Rice Noodles and Shredded Vegetable Salad Just like a higher end Asian fare restaurant, but without the temptation of the eggrolls or little fried noodles. Tender chicken that had flavor all the way through, with a pineapple sauce that complimented the shredded veggies.

Dinner –

Lobster Tail with Cranberry Rice Salad and Roasted Sicilian Vegetables The only thing missing was the drawn butter – but of course, it wouldn’t be a diet dinner with 200 calories of butter! The lobster was perfectly tender and seasoned, and we didn’t miss the heart attack in a cup. The rice had walnuts, cranberries, and it was tastier than any pilaf we’ve eaten in a restaurant.

Prime Rib of Beef with Potatoes and Vegetables Tender, tasty prime rib, without all the fat! The vegetables were fantastic, and the potatoes were peppery and perfectly seasoned.

Bourbon Pork Tenderloin with Butternut Squash Mashed Potatoes, BBQ Apples and Julienne Vegetable Salad The tenderloin was juicy and full of bourbon flavor. The vegetables were tangy, and the apples and mashed potatoes went down smooth with the tenderloin. We felt so House of Blues!

With eDiets ‘Deliciously Yours’, all you have to do it pick your meals, and have them delivered fresh to your door. The eDiets Deliciously Yours plan costs $15.95 a day during your first week, and only $19.95 a day thereafter. You’ll also get a free subscription to eDiets online support, including access to their personal trainers and nutritionists. If you even eat one meal a day out, you’re probably spending more than this on food. This is your total cost. There will be no need to go to the grocery store after a long day at work, and no temptations.

On the 3 Hour Diet at Home , you’ll get everything you need, including snacks and treats like yogurt, grapes, cashews, granola bars and pretzels. Prices range from 19.95 a day to 29.95 for the gourmet upgrade which have you dieting like the Queen! This totally replaces anything else you need to buy. You won’t have any need to even go in a grocery store while on this diet.

3 Hour Diet at Home
lobster tail with cranberry rice
If you’re on the conservative side, you can buy most of the menu items a la carte direct from PurFoods , the maker of both plans plus several other meal delivery programs. It costs a little more per entree, but you don’t have to invest in a whole weeks worth of food if you just want to test the waters.

Complete meal planning plus fresh food delivery for all meals, equals a foolproof weight loss plan.


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