3 Healthy Ways to Get over a Compulsive Eating Disorder

Also known as binge eating disorder, compulsive eating disorder is usually defined as an addiction to food. You might have this eating disorder if you frequently binge on food even though you’re not necessarily hungry. Feelings of powerlessness and anxiety also accompany these food binges. After the binge, you normally find yourself feeling guilty and depressed for overeating. If you feel that you might have a compulsive eating disorder, here are some healthy ways to help you get over the condition.

1. Address the Reason Why You Overeat

If you have a compulsive eating disorder, you probably spend large amounts of time obsessing about what and how much food you eat. If you really want to get over an eating disorder, you’re going to have to focus on the reasons why you overeat in the first place. Do you reach for that tub of ice cream whenever you feel stressed out from work? Do you open a bag of potato chips when you feel bored and have nothing to do? Do you find yourself finishing a whole pizza when you feel depressed about an aspect of your life? If you want to effectively recover from your eating disorder then you will have to address the root of the problem.

Once you know why you eat, you can start thinking of better ways to respond to your negative emotions. For instance, take a yoga or dance class whenever you feel burned out from work. You might also take up a hobby so you can have something to do during vacant hours. Learn to deal with problems head-on to avoid becoming depressed. For instance, if you’re depressed about the bills you have to pay, devise a plan on how you can save and make extra money. Taking action will help you feel in control of your problems.

2. Don’t Let Yourself Become Isolated

If you’re like most people who suffer from compulsive eating disorder, you probably prefer to be isolated most of the time. Being overweight and having an eating disorder can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. Soon, you find yourself refusing to attend social gatherings or making leisurely trips outside. Instead, you prefer to stay home with comfort foods. Perhaps you also find yourself feeling as though candy bars, cakes and fast foods are your only friends. Needless to say, socially alienating yourself will cause you to binge even more. As uncomfortable as it may seem at first, seeking the company of your friends and family is extremely significant at this point in your life. Invite friends to take a crafts class with you. Go visit distant relatives. Join organizations so you can make new friends.

3. Start Learning to Eat Healthy Foods

While it may take some time to learn to control your impulsive desire to eat, you can always start boosting your health by controlling the foods that you do eat. Instead of the usual cheeseburgers, chocolates, pastries and other junk food, fill yourself up with fruit smoothies, fresh salads, grilled meat and other healthier options.


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