3 Healthy Pie Options to Satisfy Your Sweet tooth

Pie has long been a dessert staple, a dessert staple that has been traditionally associated with nothing but sugar, sweets, indulgence and cravings; healthy pie sounds almost like an oxymoron. Pies come in a few different varieties. They can either be called top-crust (filling is put on a dish and covered with a potato or pastry mash top before cooking), filled (dish is covered by pastry, then filling is put on top of that) or two-crust (filling is totally enveloped in the pastry shell).

As baking has evolved, so has the advent of pie options that are not as fattening, calorie-laden or excessively sweet, but will still satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are 3 healthy pie options:

1. Raspberry-Peach Pie

This recipe is best made when peaches are at their best in midsummer. It features a lightened pie crust along with the oxymoron combination of sweet-tart in the presence of the aforementioned, two fruits. To prepare the crust, whisk all-purpose flour alongside whole-wheat flour, sugar and salt. Rub butter into the mixture, and then add both oil and sour cream, which you should toss with a fork. Sprinkle water over this mixture.

To prepare the filling, mix peaches, raspberries, sugar and lemon juice; transfer this fruit mixture to a colander and let it drain into a bowl. Take the drained juice and boil it in a saucepan until it gets syrupy. Add this syrup back to the fruit mixture along with cornstarch. Take your prepared crust and your fruit mixture and assemble both into a pie, which you should then bake for 55 minutes.

2. Healthy Mud Pie

This is just the kind of mud pie to make if you don’t want the aggravating pangs of a guilty conscience hounding you after you consume it. The key to this recipe is the use of unsweetened, key ingredients along with the substitution of margarine for butter. In a bowl, mix cracker crumbs, unsweetened applesauce, unsweetened cocoa, margarine, sugar and cinnamon. When you have mixed these ingredients into a well-combined group, press them onto both the sides and bottom of a 9-inch pie pan. Put it into the oven for only 10 minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit until firm. Then, spread frozen coffee yogurt over the crust for the filling. Put it into the freezer to harden, and sprinkle it with syrup for serving.

3. Cheesecake Pie

Dissolve gelatin over low heat in water until it’s dissolved. In a blender, combine cottage cheese, milk, sugar and dry milk; turn the blender on and then add the final element of the dissolved gelatin. Pour in some lemon juice, and then blend the mixture very well. Into your set-aside pie crust, pour this mixture from the blender so that it can chill. When this mixture has hardened somewhat, serve it with toffee chips sprinkled across the top, caramel or even whipped cream.


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