3 Healthy Craveable Snacks to Avoid PMS Weight Gain

Nothing is worse than suffering from PMS weight gain. In addition to this, the headaches, the nausea and the bloating is a nightmare. But for some women, the cravings associated with PMS can cause significant weight gain that can be difficult to lose once the PMS has passed. So what types of snacks should you choose while suffering from PMS that will satiate your cravings without causing you to gain huge amounts of weight? Below are three great ideas to get you past those cramps, and on to your way to good health!

1. Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding makes a great snack for women suffering from PMS, and made properly can help in the prevention of weight gain. The best way to limit the amount of fat and calories in chocolate pudding is to skip the pre-made varieties, and simply make it yourself. When making chocolate pudding, start by looking for varieties that are low in sugar or calories. Secondly, use low or non fat milk to make the pudding. Not only will this result in the consumption of fewer calories and fat grams, but milk is a rich source of calcium, which is especially important to women who are reaching menopause as they can be prone to the development of osteoporosis. Including milk in your diet can ward against this dangerous condition.

2. Hummus with Cut Vegetables

Hummus with cut vegetables makes another great snack option for women with PMS who want to avoid weight gain, as it mimics the crunch of potato chips with the creaminess of chip dip – but at a fraction of the calories! Hummus typically contains high amounts of olive oil, which is not only one of the healthiest fats but has also been found to be effective in weight reduction. Like pudding, hummus can also be made at home with relative ease. Combine four parts garbanzo or pinto beans or some combination of both with one part of olive oil, and any seasonings of your choice. Puree until smooth, and serve with cut vegetables. Making your own hummus prevents the consumption of high amounts of sodium, which can be present in packaged hummus and can lead to water retention and weight gain, especially in women who have their period. Vegetables are extremely low in calories compared to chips, and using them as a counterpart to the hummus makes a great all-around snack!

3. Granola

Granola can be a good choice for women with PMS who are looking for a sweet crunch without a subsequent weight gain. While often served with yogurt, berries or some combination of both, granola tastes great enough to be eaten plain on its own. Pre-made granola can sometimes be high in fat and calories, but when made at home, it is extremely healthy, low in calories and unhealthy fats are practically nonexistent. Simply combine oats, almonds, honey and any other products you would like, and bake at a low temperature until the mixture is firm to the touch. Cool, and break into small parts. Granola makes a great snack because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and therefore can be snacked on in the car, at your desk or even in bed!


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