3 Health Risks of the Raw Food Detox Diet

The raw food detox diet is designed to deep clean your body from the inside out. Cooked and processed foods tend to become toxic and build up in the body over time. If these toxins are not removed they can lead to diseases, but by following the simple steps in this diet, you will be able to free your body by removing the toxins.

The diet encourages you to eat as many raw foods as you can, but only at your transitioning level. You should make small but permanent changes so that your body will not be overwhelmed. The best way to go about this is to start your day off with a raw meal, and then gradually work your way up until you are able to eat all raw foods at least until supper.

Although there are many benefits of the raw food diet, there are also some health risks associated with it if instructions are not followed properly.


When more toxins are removed from the cells in the body than what the eliminating organs can handle, the toxins simply re-enter back into the blood stream. This is known as antointoxication and it can be harmful to the body. Some of the symptoms of antointoxication include headaches, backaches, indigestion, colds, nausea, depression, anxiety, fatigue, acne and body odor. 

To prevent antointoxication from happening you should not eat more fresh fruits and vegetables than what your body can handle, as they are the foods which release the toxins in your body. You can also use colonics or enemas to help your body along as you are transitioning to the diet, but they too can have complications which you should be aware of.


Colonics are performed by a colon therapist, and usually there are no health risks involved if done correctly. Warm water is infused with a disposable speculum into the colon to help loosen any backed up material and remove it from the body. If the speculum is not inserted correctly it can tear the walls of the intestines which can lead to an infection in the blood. Although the cases are rare, but if too much water is absorbed into the body it can cause an imbalance of the electrolytes and heart failure.


Enemas are similar, but slightly different to a colonic, as they only clean the lower colon. They can be done at home with an enema bag, but always read all instructions before administering an enema. The walls of the intestines could become damaged if too much water is used, or if the water is too hot or too cold. Never share an enema bag with another person as this spreads germs. Another health risk involved is that enema bags are susceptible to mold if not dried thoroughly before storage. Always check to make sure the bag is clean before using.

The health risks of the raw food detox diet can all be avoided when instructions are followed and all precautionary measures are taken. The diet is permanent and very beneficial if you stick to it, because you will be able to ward off most diseases. 


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