3 Health Benefits of Enova Oil

There are many health benefits of enova oil, though there are three that might pique your interest more than others. Those who are on a diet simply for the benefits of weight loss will be interested in knowing that enova oils is made up of different components than most cooking oils, which causes it to not be stored as fat in the body. Another benefit of enova oil is its ability to lower lipid levels in the bloodstream, especially triglycerides. This oil is also thought to lower the possibility of cancer, damage to the immune system, inflammation and premature aging. One of the best things for those who don’t want to risk losing flavor for health benefits is that enova oil has no inherent flavor, and can be used without changing the taste of your recipes.

1. Weight Loss

Enova oil has very similar characteristics to other oils when it comes to calories and fat grams, so how can it be any different than other cooking oils? The answer is this: It is metabolized in a different way by the body. Many of the cooking oils you may already be using are comprised of chemical compounds that are called triacylglycerols. Triacylglycerols are also known as TAGs. When being metabolized, the TAGs are stored as fat within the body. The difference in enova oil is that it is made of diacylglycerols, otherwise known as DAGs. DAGs differ from TAGs in the fact that they are handled by the liver and not stored in the body as fat. It is also digested much faster than most other common cooking oils, and is burned off for energy.

2. Lowering of Lipid Levels

Enova oil has been proven to lower lipid levels in the bloodstream, and the type that has been found to fall the most is triclycerides. When triclyceride levels rise to a high level, the risk of heart attack and stroke rises as well. Another risk of a really high triglyceride level is pancreatitis, otherwise known as an inflammation of the pancreas. There are other risks as well, and it has become such a problem that doctors check regularly for raised lipid levels.

3. Healthier Choice

The reason enova oil is so much more healthy is because it’s pitted against polyunsaturated oils, which are thought to cause a multitude of health hazards. Some of these hazards include a higher possibility of cancer, premature aging, damage to the immune system and inflammation.
These are three reasons that enova oil is a healthier alternative, and may prove a good reason to switch from your conventional cooking oil. The appeal of help in weight loss, lowering of blood lipid levels and the other benefits are overwhelming for those who are interested in their health. Though it has the benefits of health on it’s side, it is a little more expensive than most other alternative cooking oils. It can be used for cooking, frying and in salads.

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