3 Hairstyles for Round Faces

Hairstyles can accentuate your best facial features and dramatically approve your appearance. If you have a round face, with a round chin, wide hairline and full, soft cheeks, the right hairstyle can balance your face and define your features. Here are some hairstyles to try if you have a round face.

1. Long Layered Cuts

If you have a round face, a long, layered cut will make your face look longer and slimmer. Your long layered cut should extend past the chin, and you should part it in the center. A center part makes your face look longer and draws attention to the center of your face, rather than to your full cheekbones and wide forehead.

A long cut flatters a round face best if it’s kept sleek around the cheeks. Volume near the cheeks will make your face look rounder. Wispy ends or curls below the chin will define your cheekbones and highlights around the face will make your face look narrow. If you have a natural wave in your hair, emphasize it to downplay the roundness of your face; use a curling iron, tie your hair up or braid it as it dries to emphasize your natural wave.

Avoid any of the following:

  • Bangs
  • Curls near the cheeks, above chin level
  • Blunt ends at the level of your cheeks

2. Short Bobs

A short bob can look good on a round face if it’s done right. Have your hairstylist cut your hair so that it curls around beneath your chin to frame your face; a short style that doesn’t reach the chin will make your chin look fuller and softer. Keep your bangs long and comb them to one side across the forehead to call attention to your eyes and downplay the width of your hairline. Tuck the bangs behind one ear for a saucy look.

If you’re going for an ultra short cut, remember that the haircut should end either above your cheeks or below your chin. A short cut that ends at the level of your cheeks will make your cheeks look wider and will attract attention to the fullness of your chin.

3. Medium Shags

If you’d prefer medium length hair, that hangs below the chin but doesn’t reach the shoulders, a medium shag can really flatter your round face. Have your stylist cut in multiple layers to add volume; adding a bit of volume at the crown of your head will make your round face look longer and slimmer, as will pumping up your bangs. Part your hair off center if you have a round face and would like to wear a medium length shag cut; this will hide your wide forehead. A side fringe and highlights can help add definition to the cheeks and downplay the softness of your chin.

Shag styles are a great because they don’t require a lot of maintenance and can be personalized according to your preferences.


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