3 Fun Types of Family Exercise

Family exercise can actually be a lot of fun if you do the right types of exercise. Exercising with the family is something you should definitely try out, as it helps keep everyone in shape, while at the same time bringing you and your loved ones closer together. Here are three ways to exercise and have fun with your family.

1. Team Sport

Sports are the easiest way to combine fun and exercise. If your family has competitive spirits among the members, this is your chance to let it all hang out, while burning those extra calories in the process. It all depends on what sort of sport everyone is into. If your family is into shooting baskets, grab a ball and head for the nearest hoop. If soccer is more your thing, you can start a friendly field game at the nearest park.

Once you’ve got the perfect sport in mind, even teams up by balancing parents and kids. If you have only one child, you can have loads of fun when dad takes on mom and the kid. If you have two kids, you can go with parent-child pairings. If you have three kids, you and your partner can pit against the young ones. If your brood is even larger than that, it is all a matter of working out the balance between age and athleticism. When your teams are all worked out, play ball!

2. Swimming

Most kids love the water, and if that’s true for your kids, they will have no problem getting some exercise in the pool. Swimming is the perfect exercise for the family; the full range of motion it provides allows for a good full-body workout, but it is low-impact enough for you if you cannot keep up with your kids.

Once everyone splashes in, it is time to get creative about exercise. Your family might enjoy racing each other across the pool, or you might prefer more traditional games such as water polo. You can adapt a variety of games for the pool, like volleyball or even tag. When you find a game you like, stick with it and swim.

3. Hiking

Hiking is a fantastic way to get some exercise while having fun with your family. Not only will you get a decent cardiovascular workout from all the walking and climbing, but you and your family will also get to enjoy the wonders that nature has to offer.

Before going on a hike, check your local area map for possible hiking trails, or better yet, ask a friend or someone you trust for good hiking locations. No matter where you live you’ll most likely find scenic trails no more than an hour’s drive away. You can even make a camping trip out of it, enjoying a cozy campfire dinner in the great outdoors. It is an intimate way to spend time with your family, and a clever way to get everyone to exercise.


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