3 Fun healthy Weight Loss Competitions for Your Family

More often than not, a weight loss competition can be a successful way of motivating multiple people to continue with a diet or exercise plan. If you and your family are all interested in changing your lifestyle habits and are looking to lose weight, a healthy competition can be just the thing to keep you inspired to continue.

The key to incorporating a weight loss competition into your family life is to ensure that all of the people involved will be responsible and mature enough to take it seriously and to remain positive. Weight loss competitions can become overly antagonistic and may lead to some dangerous eating behaviors and even to fights or other problems with your familial relationships. The following healthy weight loss competitions will help to keep you focused and also aid you in losing the weight that you’ve been trying to get rid of.

1. Weekly Weigh Ins

Regardless of the other elements of your competition, it’s important to incorporate regular weigh ins to properly chart how well everyone has been doing. These weigh ins should not be overly formal and should always be supportive. For the best results, it’s a good idea to have your weigh ins take place at the same time of day and on the same day of the week, every time. This will ensure that people have a fair and accurate reading.

2. Private Results

A private results weight loss competition is one in which the results of the weigh in are not announced to each member of the family. This is a good way to encourage people in your family who have proven to have a difficult time losing weight to participate; if they don’t know how well they stand up to other people, or exactly how much weight they’ve lost in comparison with the other participants, it’s likely that they’ll have an easier time and won’t be as stressed or frustrated by their results.

3. Small Rewards

A small rewards competition will give people an additional incentive to continue to lose weight and to stick with a diet or exercise regimen. Provide a family reward on weeks in which everyone loses a certain amount of weight or successfully maintains or lowers weight. Give individual rewards to the family member with the biggest loss of weight for that week, or for other accomplishments (like sticking with an exercise plan every day, for instance). This will allow you to continue to support the members of your family in a fun way while avoiding focusing too much on the natural comparison of who has lost the most pounds.

For more information about fun and healthy weight loss competitions for your family, speak with your doctor. Be sure that everyone is dieting and exercising in a healthy manner.


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