3 Fun Family Jump Rope Exercises

Jump rope exercises are very effective cardiovascular exercises that can burn up to 750 calories per hour according to the National Institute of Health. No other exercise provides calorie burning like this except for running, and the faster you jump, the more calories you will burn. The only thing you need for these exercises is a jump rope. You’ll need jump ropes for each individual, and then 2 longer jump ropes if you want to try the Double Dutch exercise.

1. Jump Rope Racing

Jump rope racing is a fun jump roping activity that includes the entire family. To participate, each family member will need their own personal jump rope. Next, you’ll need to determine where the starting and ending points are. It may be helpful to have one person by the finish line so they can clearly see who the winner is, but it’s not necessary. To begin, simply jump rope on the run as fast as you can until you reach the finish line. Make sure each person is spaced out enough so that they aren’t getting hit by the other jump ropes. The family member who wins the race can sit out during the next round and observe the finish line to see who the next winner is.

2. Jump Rope Relay

The jump rope relay is one of the most exciting jump rope exercises, and it’s played using two teams. If you have a large family, you could add additional teams or just have large teams. To begin, you’ll need one jump rope for each team. Then, you’ll need to choose a starting point and some kind of marker point which will be the spot where jump ropers go to before turning around and coming back. When it’s time to start, one player from each team will race to the market point while jump roping, turn around and head back, and hand the jump rope to the next player in line who will then do the same. The game continues on until each player has had their turn. The first team to have all players finish first will win the relay.

3. Double Dutch

Double Dutch is the perfect family jump roping exercise because everybody can get involved. You will need two longer jump ropes to do Double Dutch. In order to Double Dutch, you will need at least three people to participate. You’ll need two people to hold the jump ropes, who are called the turners and then at least one person to be the jumper. The turners will each hold the end of the two different jump ropes and turn them in opposite directions. Once they start turning, family members can begin jumping in and doing basic jumps, running through it or even doing gymnastics. To make sure each person gets some good exercise, make sure the turners trade places with the jumpers.

Jump rope exercises can burn serious calories, and it’s a fun physical activity that the whole family can get involved in.


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