3 Flattering Haircuts for a Triangular Face

No matter what shape of face you have, there are several flattering haircuts that will suit your face. Though a triangular face can be a little tricky to find a nice hairstyle, there are several ways you can help to widen your forehead and give the illusion of a narrower chin, with a chic new hairstyle that aptly fits your face and style.

When looking for a flattering hairstyle, try layered hairstyles that can help add some balance to a prominent jaw line, as well as any styles that are tapered at the jaw line. The hairstyles that should be avoided are long ones, as well as any one that may draw a lot of attention to your chin, such as a straight bob cut.

Here are some great hairstyles to get you started on finding the perfect look for your triangular face:

Haircut #1: Short & Layered

This is one of the easiest haircuts for this face shape and does a great job in making the face look proportional and balanced. Try some heavy top layers that give a fuller look above the ears and avoid bangs to make your face appear to be longer. This illusion will draw attention to the forehead and away from the jawline, making the face appear well-balanced.

Haircut #2: Medium Length & Layered

A near-shoulder length cut can look nice when paired with soft layers in just the right places. Try side swept bangs to draw attention to your eyes and use a zig zag part to give your hair some volume. This style will create the look of an oval face with your hair framing it in all the right places and drawing the attention from your jawline. Additionally, some nice highlights will add dimension to the look and make your hair look fuller on top which will also help to take attention away from your jawline. 

Haircut #3: Long & Wavy

A soft and wavy look might be just what you need for your triangular face. Try long layers so that your waves fall nicely and helps to divide your face into two narrow portions to give the illusion of length. This style of long flowing layers will work great with both curly and straight hair. As with the other styles, stray away from bangs, as they will only add to the triangular shape of your face.

These are just a few of the many styles that will suit a triangular shaped face. If you want more styles that will look great on you, there are several resources online that can help you find the perfect hairstyle for you. A good hair stylist should also be able to help you determine what look would work best for you, your face shape and hair so that you will look your absolute best. Use these resources and find just what you want for your new hairstyle.


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