3 Exercises to Fight Arm Fat

There are a number of exercises you can use to fight arm fat. As one of the most noticeable parts of the body, having a toned pair of arms can greatly improve self esteem. Many exercises that target the muscles of the arm are designed to tone the back of the arm, or the triceps, while others work the biceps, or the front muscle of the upper arm.

Before beginning a program to train your arms, it is important to remember that engaging in exercises that strengthen your muscles is not the only thing you need to do to create a great pair of arms. A proper, low-fat diet is essential because if you don’t work to remove the fat that sits on top of your nicely toned muscles, no amount of slaving away at the gym can make them visible. In addition, “spot training” is a widely-circulated exercise myth; a full-body workout should always be a part of your regular exercise routine.

Most of these exercises can be completed in your home and with various pieces of furniture in your house, although the basic movements of these exercises would remain the same should you choose to complete your workout at a gym.

1. Triceps Table Dips

Find a sturdy table or countertop and stand with your back to the table, placing the palms of your hands on the edge of the surface. Slowly walk your legs forward so that you’re leaning backward on your hands. Using your arms to support you, lower your body down and backward toward the table and rise back up, slowly. Be very careful when performing this exercise as it will be stressful on your shoulder joints.

2. Bicep Curls

One of the most popular arm exercises, a bicep curl is the simple retraction and extension of the bicep muscles by using a handheld weight lifted from the side of the body to the shoulder. There are two ways to employ the bicep curl. The first is raising your arm from a relaxed position at your side toward your shoulder. The second involves holding your arm backward from your body in the form of an “L” and raising the weight with your hand toward your armpit while keeping your upper arm steady.

3. Triceps Dumbbell Lift

Hold a single dumbbell in both hands at back of your head. Raise the arms together to create a 90 degree angle and then lower the dumbbell back down, slowly.

Tips for the Best Toning Experience

When starting a weight lifting routine, do not attempt to lift too much, too quickly. Choose light weights of 3 or 5 pounds and gradually work your way to heavier weights. In addition, do not use weights that are too heavy as they can actually increase your muscle size so much that your arms might look larger instead of nicely toned.

Do not engage in these toning exercises every day. Instead, create a routine that will have you assigning a few days of the week to your upper body and the remaining days to your lower body. Strengthening your entire body, not just your arms, is essential for making that arm fat disappear.


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